Weekly eXchange #228 – Phoenix Fiasco!!!

Join Nate and Troy as they bring you all the important information on all of your favorite 4X and strategy games! This week they talk about Thea 2: the Shattering, Age of Wonders: Planetfall, Galactic Civilizations 3, Sins of a Solar Empire and much much more. As well as continued coverage for your other favorite 4X and strategy games.

Music for eXplorminate by Mangadrive

Show Notes:

  1. Thea 2 update – 01:32
  2. Age of Wonders: Planetfall update – 06:33
  3. Galactic Civilizations 3 update – 09:43
  4. Sins of a Solar Empire update – 14:35
  5. Battletech update – 17:30
  6. Northgard update – 20:33
  8. What is… Tales Of A Spymaster – 27:51
  9. Epic vs Steam Part 2 & Phoenix Point update – In short, I’m done with it! and + look at that (Steam vs. Epic Store comparison) and tone deafness – 30:24
    • No Julian Gollop product promotion!
    • No Julian Gollop product promotion!
    • No Julian Gollop product promotion!
    • Phantom Brigade webpage
  10. Steam Review changes – 44:18

Games we are playing / Things we are doing – 52:06

  1. World of Tanks Blitz Steam page
  2. Sid Meier’s Colonization on GOG
  3. Blood Bowl 2 Steam page
  4. eXplorminate Patreon Support page


19 thoughts on “Weekly eXchange #228 – Phoenix Fiasco!!!

  1. Hey Nate – great explaination of the Epic vs Steam situation – thanks to you I will stay far far away from Epic – and their completely unobtrusive spying – I agree with your assessment entirely Many Thanks
    I’m Spartacus

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  2. thanks for another good show.

    and thanks nate for your statement on phoenix point.
    i’m absolutely your opinion and now more lucky then ever i didn’t back it.

    is it right that your dissapointment on PP did drive you back to Xcom2?! :)
    so much mod activity the last days :)

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    1. I’m keeping an eye on the strategy overhaul and lwotc projects, both of which are far from any sort of completion but the ambition there is just fantastic.


  3. I first heard about the Phoenix Point issue from seeing a reddit thread with a title about the Phoenix Point guy talking trash about how developers need to ignore whiny gamers.

    Without context I kind of laughed and moved on.

    Gamers are whiners and ignoring them is usually for the better. I assumed Phoenix Point was getting razzed because someone culture war infighting based on a close technical read of some characters buttocks, or something like that. And the more we tell people who do that to screw off, the better.

    I should have known that the one time a developer managed to grow a spine and tell the gamer community to screw off, the thing they would be defending would turn out to be something actually greedy and detrimental to fans who have already put money on the table.

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  4. Exclusivity is not competition!
    Good report on PP and Epic Nate. I admire your restraint. I had no interest in the game PP but I am dismayed by the practices of Epic. Personally I wont be buying any games from them. But there will be plenty of gamers who will care less about shady practices and shafted backers. They will only see that they can save a couple of dollars.

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      1. Yea, that’s why I’m not against the store per se. Chinese spying allegations (which are possibly true) aside, the store came out in an alpha state, par the course for most releases these days. My issue has to do with their poaching of games set for release on steam, and PP lying to its investors (not backers since it was done on Fig).


      2. Oh, I’d totally be pissed if I was in your shoes. Mostly at PP of course.

        I do have to wonder if Steam has done this quietly in the past though? Is there a reason Civ V and VI have never been anywhere but Steam. If that is all Take2/2K wanted to do fine, but perhaps there was some dealing behind the scenes we never heard about and Valve has been doing the same for years without any blowback. That is of course very hypothetical. But it certainly wouldn’t surprise me.


      3. Always possible, and no way to verify. Valve won’t talk about it and neither will Firaxis. So we can only hypothesize at best, but there is another twist to this, and I will talk about it on the next WeX.


  5. Great show as always, thanks guys!

    Nate, how is the network stability in multiplayer BB2? I had a ton of fun with the original Blood Bowl but I got tired of the desync/DCs ruining games.

    I’m not so ticked off as Nate about Phoenix Point, but I share the general sentiment. The whole thing has been good for opening my eyes to Epic’s owners, recent history, and shameless anti-consumer business practices. They’ll never see a dime from me.


  6. Well said Nate. I feel that Steam really needs competition and devs deserve a bigger cut but the way Epic is approaching these issues is just flat out wrong.

    We don’t need more exclusivity in PC gaming. And the complete neglect on the customer side of the Epic store plus the privacy issues just makes me not want to touch it with a 10 foot pole.

    But the betrayal of supporters trust in this case indeed is the worst offense in this case.

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