Weekly eXchange #218 – Sabotage? Technical Difficulties?

Join Nate, Troy and Joshua, as they bring you all the important information on all of your favorite 4X and strategy games! This week they talk about At the Gates, Age of Wonders: Planetfall, Galactic Civilizations 3, Endless Legend, Endless Space 2, Alliance of the Sacred Suns, The First Men and much much more. As well as continued coverage for your other favorite 4X and strategy games!

Music for eXplorminate by Mangadrive

Show Notes: 

  1. At the Gates update – 01:50
  2. Age of Wonders: Planetfall update – 06:48
  3. Galactic Civilizations 3 update – 10:50
  4. Amplitude Studios update – 14:34
  5. Alliance of the Sacred Suns update – 19>19
  6. Star control: Origins (nuclear) update and Star Control is now available (at 50% off) on its own website – 23:16
  7. What is… The First Men? – 36:58
  8. “What Is…” article – 40:11

Games played – 41:27

  1. Stellaris: MegaCorp Steam page
  2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch
  3. Hearthstone webpage
  4. World of Tanks Blitz Steam page
  5. Thea 2: The Shattering Steam page
  6. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI on the App Store
  7. Persona 5 for PS4
  8. eXplorminate videos


25 thoughts on “Weekly eXchange #218 – Sabotage? Technical Difficulties?

  1. The Stardock is actually selling Steam keys for SCO (at least they say so in their store, and they don’t say anything about limited supplies). Does it mean that the Steam still (indirectly) sells the game, just doesn’t advertise it?


  2. ‘At the Gates’ reminds me of the first time I saw ‘Endless Legend’. I’m not saying it’s similar to that game, obviously its not.

    But when I saw ‘Endless Legend’ I said, ‘that looks different, that looks fun, that looks like something I’m eager to play’. I feel the same way after watching Troy’s ‘At the Gates’ plays on youtube.

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  3. While it was hard to hear Troy overall wasn’t too bad. I do listen to AM radio and shortwave a lot so I am not too picky.

    Too bad we will not be getting Joshua’s excursion for Star Control Origins but I respect the reason to hold it. I do respect Explorminate mentioning the developers who got caught in the middle.

    Another great episode, sound issues aside.

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  4. Interesting sound issue — almost sounded like someone else was picking up a distorted version of Troy talking in their own mic.

    For me unfortunately it did make the podcast hard to listen to. If I turned the volume down I couldn’t hear quiet Troy, and if the volume was loud enough to hear quiet Troy loud Troy was unbearable.

    Better luck next time! :)


  5. At the Gates is not a game its a scam. As a community we need to reject developers who lie to the community like Jon Shafer did at the release of civ5 and then produced this pay to beta scam (at the gates) which he used to prop up his personal problems.

    gee…I think I warned you guys about Starcontrol:origins like 5 months ago…too bad you fence sat and didnt protect the community from making bad purchases..this is like an echo when I warned Eurogamer about civ 5 condition and Jon Shafer’s dishonesty before release and they didnt warn the community.

    Starcontrol Origins is stolen property…the idea you are promoting it STILL and sending saying its a great game or that the thieving programmers deserve something makes me sick. Your values are sooooo alien..but then most of you are American war profiteers.


    1. Considering AtG has yet to officially launched I reserve judgement. It does sound like from his own posting that he didn’t fully take it serious at first but sounds like he turned it around. While I respect his attempt to explain the seven years AtG has been in development I do not think it fully excuses it. None the less from what I have seen on the Explorminate fourm and a couple Let’s Plays it does seem that while not what was promised that the game is shaping up to be very playable.

      You certainly have strong opinions. I think the staff handled themselves very appropriately as far as Star Control Origins. Also they have mentioned concerns before about AtG and Shaffer falling off grid. I think you just hear what you want so you can go on rants.

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  6. I’ve been commenting on games for 30+ years…99.9% no mater what I say the vocal minority circles the wagons around their golden calf. As far as I can tell people like being stolen from and abused. There is no rant here. Just facts which you can look up yourself. There are years and years of examples of Stardock/Brad Wardel stealing other peoples work or mistreating the community for personal gain. Thats not me – its them..dont shoot the messenger if you dont like the message.. If you wanna still buy gamer from people who behave like that your acting like heroine addict who only cares about their immediate fix.


    1. I’m not silencing you at all. All I’ve ever asked you was not to insult/attack people, which you for the most part didn’t. I don’t agree with your stance, but like I said earlier, that’s okay. We can agree to disagree, no?

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      1. Why’d you change you name Devildog? Why’d you delete the post pointing out your history supporting bad developers? It’s your history and people have a right to know who is hyping a product. And whoses website benefits. Don’t shoot the messenger.


  7. There’s nothing wrong with publishing the review, as long as it comes it a waning that there’s an ongoing lawsuit about ownership. You’re not experts and it’s a messy issue that you’re not obligated to understand – actual journalists don’t get paid to understand this anymore, either.
    Listening to your analysis, Nate, you should read different lawyers. The only new thing in the lawsuit (and the DMCA) is that it’s being applied to a videogame, there’s plenty of precedent otherwise. The confusing thing is that it’s very rare that one entity owns the copyright and another the trademark.
    Despite someone’s ramblings, it isn’t about space being red, it’s about a set of deliberate similarities (at best) implemented by someone who repeatedly and publicly claimed to want to make a copy of something he couldn’t. As said clearly and explicitly by the judge at the end of the year, you can’t wave that away as a non-issue and it must be clarified in court.
    It’s annoying that someone gets fired by a non-performing product because it’s also illegal, but so were Enron employees. Maybe they should avoid asking what happened to a close-by libertarian or it’ll end up being their fault.



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