Join Nate, Troy, Micah and Dallin as they discuss the WH40k Gladius: RoW review. We discuss what was left on the cutting-room floor and where this game is headed. Come and listen to what we think about WH40k Gladius: Relics of War.

Music for eXplorminate by Mangadrive


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  1. The game desperately needs different planet types (frozen, volcanic, etc) and faction customization (color wheel, traits, even +/- modifiers) and the ability to rename everything.

    I’d love to roleplay as the Ultramarines fending off the Necrons at Damnos or the Black Templars vs Orks at Armageddon, but everything feels very generic. This game, unlike most 4x, really sets up well for max difficulty 1v1 duels on larger maps if you could make it narratively interesting.

    And this may be very specific, but I’d like to see a 30k Isstvan III or V scenario. The only 30k game that I know about is the Horus Heresy Talisman game which is really not my cup of tea.

    Really great show, guys.

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    • In the advanced game settings you can decide the size of regions and what terrain types these regions are made out of, which lets you create ice, desert or volcanic planets, but I agree that the game probably needs more terrain types/features because a single biome map like that might end up kinda bland. By the way, note that a single biome map might favor one race more than another balance wise. A desert or arctic planet will probably be tough for Guardsmen because of the food shortage, but it might be good for Necrons because they only care about energy and ore.


  2. I just wrote a pretty big suggestion thread for this game on the steam forum:
    The game is fun, but the late game gets kinda badly balanced out. Not because one faction is stronger than the other, but because resource and unit production gets so out of hand that it gets way too easy to spam incredibly tanky units which also makes city fights even more of a grind. I’d also like some more encouragement for unit variety. I have some hope for them to address this stuff in the next updates though.


    • It looks like the devs have been working along those lines too, I’m really looking forward to the 1.1.4 update (I don’t get beta releases on GOG). Making units more expensive the more you have of them (scaled to tier, perhaps) is an excellent idea that I hope makes it into the game — it’s already there for Hero units, after all.

      Right now the game is just awesome fun, can’t wait for the new faction announce!



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