The Starborne Experience


One thing we are always looking for is a unique experience. Something with a twist on 4X games in what can sometimes seem like a tired, formulaic genre. But really, what can be done differently? Well, why not try a MMORTS experience? If that appeals, then Starbone: Sovereign Space might be the game you’ve been waiting for.

Megastructures… We LOVE those!!!

An ambitious take on on a Civilization game crossed with Tribal Wars and card-game mechanics, Starborne is title hailing from Iceland – from Solid Clouds – a new studio. Imagine a seamless map where you compete for, or collaborate with 5130 (for now) concurrent players for control of the galaxy. Sounds hectic and exciting, doesn’t it?

You’ll forge alliances, wage wars, and grow your space station into the center of a colossal empire. But this won’t be an easy task. You’ll need to construct one of the megastructures, or maybe take over an existing one in order to win. But you’ll also have to set some time aside for this because the game is very slow-paced. A single game can take months to complete! Which can be a good thing, since not everyone has time to play around the clock to achieve galactic domination. A slower paced game is just what’s needed.

Now that looks like a 4X map!

Here’s what the devs say about the game:

We learned a lot from our late-2017 test, we had to take stock of what was working well and what could be improved” – Stefán, the CEO of Solid Cloud remarked and added “This release marks the first time you can truly complete an entire game of Starborne. We’ve really improved all our endgame mechanics and intermediate goal setting. These will be the last rounds of alpha tests before an Open Beta launch in April 2019.”

“Prepare to jump”

New Alpha 2018 Features

  • Completely revamped game world and new UI style
  • Endgame super structures
  • Game world doubled in size, now supporting 5130 concurrent players
  • Stations skill trees now lead to creation of companies
  • Endgame confederacies introduced (Alliance of player alliances)
  • Alliances can now build structures
  • Empire policy skill trees
  • Module cards – brand new card type
  • The Recon – brand new ship type
  • Fleet fights are now rendered on the map

The game entered this next stage on October 30th, 2018 and will continue in alpha for three months. So, if this is the kind of game you’ve been looking for, why not check it out? Right? Right!

4 thoughts on “The Starborne Experience

  1. well i play the game since couple of hours it remeber me a browser game befor 20 years called Planetarium , it has the same fonction : mining building waiting for ticks and attack/defense with clans it was very funny and now with Starbone it is th same but with the bonus of great grafic and more deeper in the complexity !! i ll enjoy playing it

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