Iceberg Interactive announced that Grey Wolf Entertainment, makers of Dawn of Andromeda, is releasing their second game, Pax Nova, a futuristic turn-based 4X set in space. But unlike their previous game, this one will have a planetary component beyond the typical colony settlement.

Space is wondrous.

The story so far: Once again, Humanity has ruined the Earth. A signal from deep space gives humanity a chance and an opportunity to start anew on planet Eos. They will not be the only denizen there though. Three different species with multiple factions will compete for survival on the planet and in the space surrounding it. This is not a typical sci-fi 4X at all.

“Hi neighbor…” Famous last words.

You will have to use diplomacy to make friends or your weapons to eliminate enemies should your attempts at friendship fail.

  • eXplore procedurally generated planet as you prepare to settle them
  • eXpand in to space as you try to take control
  • eXploit the many resources that abound to help you succeed
  • eXterminate the opposing forces

But whatever you do, make sure you survive because there is much more to discover in Pax Nova like unique victory conditions, unit and ship customization, a randomly generated tech tree, and much more.

We love our hexes!

Stay tuned to eXplorminate for more coverage as always.


  1. So basically a combination of space and ground based 4X where each planet is a separate map. Probably every 4X player has dreamed about it at some point but it also comes with a huge design problem of possibly becoming micromanagement hell once you have a number of planets. I suppose it can work if they keep the number of planets small and give each planet unique strategic value.


  2. Sorry boys at Iceberg and Greywolf – you’ve abandoned one too many games for me – ie. lords of the black sun, Stardrive 1 and 2, Dawn of Andromeda and many other half finished dog’s breakfasts – this time you’ll have to go it without my money.

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  3. interesting concept, turn based, sounds very interesting.
    Dawn of Andromeda couldn’t keep me interested very long….wasn’t a bad game, just had other better ones at hand. let’s see how this turns out.

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  4. DoA felt like a poor man’s ES2. It looked nice and had a really nice soundtrack but the gameplay failed to grab me after 3-4 hours. The combination of a planet-based and space map seems interesting, but I’m not sure if Grey Wolf is who I want to try and pull this off. That said, I own just about every 4X game ever made so I’m sure I’ll pick this up at some point in time.


  5. DoA made my graphics card scream. Nothing I did made any difference so I eventually uninstalled. Not very confidence inspiring.

    The screenshots here make this look like a cheap re-skin of DoA with more “stuff”. Maybe it will elevate the game, maybe it will just be pointless and annoying micro.

    Either way I look forward to the e4X review.


  6. I remember reading about Dawn of Andromeda being the “dream come true 4x” of the CEO of Grey Wolf.Well I bought it and the dream was pretty boring for me.Sorry but I would have to be really convinced by huge amounts of postive opinions to buy another game from them.



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