Star Control: Origins Preview

Of all the things I’ve had the privilege of doing here at eXplorminate, nothing would have excited my twelve-year old self more than this: I’ve gotten a sneak preview of the upcoming Star Control game from Stardock!


The fine folks at Stardock gave me a chance to play the first chapter of their new game, Star Control: Origins and I have to say, it’s looking pretty good. I’ll stay away from spoilers here, but I got to take my brand-spanking new spaceship out for a spin around the solar system, meet some new aliens both nice and… Not so nice, and get a feel for the gameplay.

The main game mode in SC:O is a narrative adventure through the galaxy. Stardock describes this as a role-playing game and I’m not sure that’s really accurate. You’re not building stats and, to this point anyway, your choices don’t seem to matter all that much in the game. Choosing a smart-aleck response over a serious one might give you a slightly different reaction, but it won’t change the overall narrative. This is not Mass Effect.

That’s most of what I got to do in the early going: talk to my human counterparts and then speak to some aliens. The writing is really good. Not just videogame good, but good good. It’s funny stuff and it fits the voice I expect from a Star Control game. Here’s hoping it continues moving forward.

The character models are fine but the dialogue is fantastic.

The voice acting is also solid, though some characters are better than others. SC:O is going to rely a lot on personality, so getting the VO right is a very good sign. I’ll note that several sections of dialogue were unvoiced, but it’s unclear whether that was intentional or just content that will be filled in later.

The other thing I got to do was explore some planets. Your spaceship is outfitted with landers that you can drop down on the surface of planets and explore, if they survive the landing that is. There are resources to find that you can collect and then sell to buy new modules to customize your main ship with. There are also other, hidden secrets that I’ll leave for you to discover on your own.

Someone’s been playing a little too much Mario Galaxy.

The lander sections are beautiful and it’s fun to drive around. But I worry that these may get tiresome after awhile. Going back to our old friend Mass Effect, there’s a reason they cut the driving missions out of the series after the original. There’s not a lot of lasting gameplay in driving around, sightseeing. Even if the sights are so nice.

Finally, I got to take my ship into a couple of combat sessions. Controls are simple: WASD to move you around, with mouse clicks or keyboard shortcuts for weapons. Your early Earth ship drives like a cement truck with three flat tires, so unfortunately this is not the best way to evaluate combat. Graphics look good, though.

I may be a little overmatched here.

Fortunately, the preview build of SC:O also allowed me to take the combat mode for a test run. This is a variant outside the main game that lets players throw together a bunch of ships and fight for glory. Here, I got a better feel for the controls and the battle gameplay and it’s pretty good. Each ship really feels unique and I can already begin to suss which ones will be my favorites. The controls, however, still feel a little bit imprecise, but I’m told that there is controller support. I may need a little more practice to get them down, but right now this feels less tight than, say, the original Space Pirates and Zombies.

Ship customization is something I’d like to spend more time on.

The combat mode is where I think a lot of the replayability will come for SC:O. There’s potential for solid multiplayer and I could see a competitive community grow up around this game. Especially if Stardock stays committed and adds new ships as time goes on.

Since my initial playtime with the game, Stardock has added new features as they ramp up to launch. The latest addition is a set of very useful menu options including a starmap, a fleet manager, a quest log, and a codex. These are all necessary quality of life additions that I didn’t realize I desperately needed until they showed up, so bravo to them.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with Star Control: Origins. My only real frustration with the game was when I had to stop playing because the preview was over. That’s a very good sign. SC:O is scheduled for release September 20th (2018) and I’ll be waiting impatiently until then. If what I’ve seen so far is any indication of what’s to come, my 12-year old self may be very pleased, indeed.

38 thoughts on “Star Control: Origins Preview

  1. nice preview.

    as i skipped the older games of this franchise completely i’m still uncertain if this is something that matches my interest.
    i’ll need some let’s play videos after release i think.

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    1. That raises a really good question — whether this game will only appeal to nostalgia nuts like me or if it can attract new gamers that were never exposed to the original series. I had a lot of fun playing the preview, but it’s hard to separate fanboy me from critic me.


  2. I have played Star Control 2 and though it’s a lovely game the combat aspect was probably my least favorite part of it. I’ll be interested to see if this version of it does better by me.

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    1. I get the feeling the combat was very similar to SC2 (it’s been a long time since I played so it’s hard for me to say if it’s one-to-one or whatever). There’s certainly no reason for me to think that if you bounced off the originals you won’t bounce off this one, too. The good news is the writing is really good and may make it worth gritting your teeth through the combat.


  3. SC2 is one of my favorites. I knew nothing about it when I ordinally bought it and I instantly fell in love with it. My college roommate would watch me play it because the storyline was that good. It seems like Stardock has the right idea on the sequel\prequel adaptation. I sure hope Stardock delivers on this game.

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  4. No mention of the lawsuits against stardock regarding the starcontrol franchise? Stardock’s COE is a Trump capitalist so he’s not losing sleep but I’d be hesitant to support or give free advertisement to this game currently being litigated over.


    1. Not sure what that has to do with anything. Supporting Trump, Clinton or Sanders shouldn’t matter. As far as litigation? Doesn’t matter either. The IP lawsuit over battletech wasn’t resolved until very recently, but did it change anything with the game? No.

      Someone has to stay objective, no?

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  5. Stardock trying to steal the intellectual property of two individuals who have shepherded the Star Control franchise for decades is very relevant both to fans of classic games and general gaming consumers. And Explorinimate being free advertisement for bad actors is also a problem. First it was that StarDrive guy that you gave a pulpit to for 2 generation of incomplete abandonware. Then you guys were talking up Jon Shafer (a man who has been fired from every company hes worked for) and his scam At the Gates, as if he was on par with other major developers. Now here is a complete fluff piece for Stardock, which leaves out mention of the major intellectual property lawsuit that just commenced. Stardock is another bad actor. Stardock sold all their customer information to a Malaysian 3rd party in 2011.There was the Elemental fiasco (amplified by the months of blaming the community) and subsequent attempts to re-monotize on that even up until recently with SK:Rivals which was more buggy abadonware. Glasciv3 has never been a stable bug free product and its been argued by many its just a reskin(if that) of galciv2. Stardock has repeatedly rolled in content created by the modding community into their products without getting permission (galciv2 patch) or rebranded to look just different enough to pass muster (Sins:rebellion). These are all behaviors we dont need in gaming and this aggressive awful treatment of the Star control franchise and the corporate bullying of community legends is another particularly disgusting example. Shame on you.


    1. Oh, interesting. I for one, will wait to see what happens with the lawsuit before I pass judgment.

      As far as selling personal info in 2011? Never heard of this.

      Elemental fiasco? I got fallen enchantress for free as well as legendary heroes… I, for the life of me, don’t remember anyone ripping me off so hard that they then give me two free games.

      I’ve never had an issue with GalCiv 3, crashing myself anymore than any other game at release or thereafter.

      Star Drive? I have an idea, go and start some drama in one of the stardrive threads on the forum without insulting others and tell me again how we promoted it.

      I don’t know, but I think you have the wrong impression about us, but that’s okay. Thanks for reading our stuff.


  6. You are one of those people who sees a guy having a heart attack and looks the other way uncomfortable arnt you? Maybe he’ll start breathing on his own and get back to driving the bus. Legal issues aside (and the internet doesnt seem to favor Stardocks legal position) we do not want corporations aggressively buying rights in some auction and pushing out storied community members.

    Stardock sold its Steam precursor “Impulse” in 2011 to Gamestop:Malaysia along with all the customers games, credit card # and personal information. Should have been a death knell for Stardock IMHO. There needs to be a law saying corporation shall not sell customer information to 3rd parties. Period.

    Congrats for being bought off with Fallen Enchantress. You can send the check for FE:LH to my home address since a very large chunk of FE:LH is community labor that got rolled into a for profit product. Since I did not buy elemental I did not get anything free nor any royalties for my testing and modding Fallen Enchantress..which as I said is basically a pay to beta product which evolved into Sorcerer kings.

    If you have really played the various releases of Galciv3 and not seen bugs/typos and had crashes then you are not being honest here. Its never been unplayable but STardock products seem to always be pay to beta condition.And again..not an original product so what has this company really done but bill you for a more expensive facade of galciv2.

    Regarding Stardrive..You’ve hosted the developer here multiple time for posts about his game. You’ve listed it on your lists of games of the year several time and that devildog guy never shut up about it on messageboard, youtbue vidoes etc etc I always get you guys confused so maybe thats you?


  7. Wow, just wow.

    Okay, lat’a examine your stance. Each paragraph is a point.

    Point 1 – Sorry Evrett, you are making a very very very big assumption about who and what I am. A wrong assumption, but an assumption nonetheless. Have I ever done something like that to you? Or anyone who posts here for that matter? No. I would appreciate if you didn’t do that here. Now, if you do that again, I will remove the assumption (un-founded mind you) and replace it with an appropriate gif. If you would like to avoid such things, please don’t do that again. As far as what the internet thinks about Stardock? It doesn’t matter at all. They are going to court to figure it out. For the moment, the Court of Law supersedes the court of the internet. When that changes? We could have this conversation.

    Point 2 – Yes, they did. As far as I know, be it a medical practice, commercial business (privately owned or corporate owned) or even government agency (when it goes private), such information trading is standard practice. Now, if you are unhappy about (I certainly am), you do not have to use it. Does Steam do it? Yes. Does Microsoft do it? Yes. Nintendo? Yes. Sony? Yes. Does Facebook do it? Yes. Alphabet (aka Google)? Yes. We can go on and on. Should there be laws to protect us (consumers) from such practices? Absolutely!!! Will they be put in place? Only if we exert out will upon our elected officials. Will eXplorminate become the leader in this fight? Not unless you start a movement in our forums, and organize them. I will not censor you unless you attack us (eXplorminate staff), community members (eXplorminators) and/or developers/publishers (obvious).

    Point 3 – Bought off with Fallen Enchantress? Okay. Sure. A game that is good, that was given to me for FREE, to replace a game that wasn’t good resulted in me forgiving Stardock for the Elemental fiasco. I don’t have a problem with that. Has anyone else EVER done that for me? No. Did EA give me free Madden football games? Or maybe Blizzard for the Diablo 3? Firaxis for Civilization Beyond Earth (and Rising Tide)? How about Sega for Dawn of War 3… Anyways, you have no point here. No one is forcing you to buy that, or any other game for that matter so you could test games. We, at eXplorminate have been telling people forever and a day now (4 years) to not buy games unless they are ready to play a beta game and be free testers. We qualify our ratings and reviews as much and as often as possible. I have never hidden anything from you or anyone else about what I like or dislike, but yea…

    Point 4 – I have been, and I have seen typos and bugs and whatnot. But then again, I have seen it in every single game I have bought since 2012 on steam. Every. Single. One. All of them. Games as a service is where we are at now. Development is on-going in many situations (just look at the Paradox model). As far as GalCiv 2 vs GalCiv 3, I think you are making a huge mistake when you assume you know my experience. By the way, it has sold a lot of copies.

    Point 5 – Yes, we have. Call it a lesson learned. As far as that Devildog guy? You mean Rob, the founder of this website? I have no issues with anything he wrote or said. We aren’t professionals. We aren’t paid. The Patreon money we collect as well as the YouTube AD money helps pay for our operating costs and help get keys for reviews and giveaways. We disclose everything. We don’t do sponsored content or have ads on the site. Yea, we have never hidden the fact that we are enthusiasts. We were, are and will probably always be learning the trade. We are not perfect. We make mistakes. That’s why we have all kinds of ways to fix them. Well, if you look on the left of the page, you can see our avatars and our work to help differentiate us from one another.

    Anyways, I tried to address your post, but before you ignore what I wrote, please read it. If you next post is just another rant with useless and unfounded accusations, I will substitute gifs for your words.

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  8. I’m actually interested in these gifs..sounds amusing. but to the point – Please amend (have the author amend) the piece to include relevant information about ownership of this IP. Or better yet its an interesting story why dont you write about. Regardless Its not “wait and see” when you are acting like the product belongs to Stardock and not the people who a year ago even Stardocks was heaping praise on for keeping the candle lit for decades.

    My point about the heart attack is that you are being reactive not proactive. This case (and Stardock) has a clear history that seems to be being ignored to give Stardock the benefit of the doubt. Trusting in the courts is ridiculous when you consider this is a for profit corporation vs two individuals who have operated essentially not for profit (releasing the game code to open source for example) for 20+ years. I’ve spent decades advocating for the poor and trust me law/justice doesnt win these things – resources do. Most individuals settle when sued by for profit corps because to defend themselves they need to take on million+ dollars of legal debt.


    1. Okay, point by point again.

      No, you wouldn’t like the gif’s I use. I wouldn’t be nice about it. No, nothing will be amended about the ownership. Stardock bought the copyright, the legitimacy of the transaction is not in question. The ownership will be decided by the court. When that happens, this will be amended. Nothing interesting about it at all.

      Here’s why –

      Paul Reiche – and

      Fred Ford –

      Brad Wardell –

      Now, I am not counting their money or or success or anything. But if any of these 3 persons are poor enough to need my money directly to fund their battle? Someone is doing something wrong.

      Heart attack… I am taking it, based on what you’ve said so far, that you aren’t a medical professional or a law enforcement personal. You know how I know, here, check this out – or “What to Do When They Happen

      If you or someone you’re with has chest discomfort or other heart attack symptoms, call 911 right away. While your first impulse may be to drive yourself or the heart attack victim to the hospital, it’s better to get an ambulance. Emergency medical services (EMS) personnel can start treatment on the way to the hospital. They’re also trained to revive a person if their heart stops.”

      I can of course give you much more information, but unless you have malpractice and personal liability insurance (medical professional) or a large umbrella coverage for yourself and everything you own, you might be in a whole lot of trouble if you render aid –

      Did I make those laws? No. Do they suck? Yes. You are welcome to lead the revolution to fix all of that. I will point you in the right direction.

      I will trust you when you say you have been advocating for the poor for decades. I have no reason not too. Guess what? So have I.

      None of that matters one lick here. If you are not sure why, look at the links above. Fred, Paul and Brad all operate business that make money. Paul and Fred are not altruists. Neither is Brad. Hell, neither are you or me. Well, I don’t know about you, because you might be an angel or something. But I am not. I just don’t do eXplorminate for a living. I have no plans to become a professional game reviewer/writer. Some people refer to me as such. But I never went to school for it. I am not a journalist. I’m just a highly opinionated gamer that has been playing 4X games since the late 80’s and video games since the early 80’s.

      I speak for myself here of course. I also understand your stance, but I don’t agree with you. That’s what it bugging you I think. You are trying to paint me into a corner, and it won’t work. If Paul and Fred start revealing their game and release dev journals/diaries, youtube videos and press releases… Guess what I’ll do? Post them here. We cover as many 4X and strategy games that we can. Some we like, other we don’t. But what we try to be is as fair as possible (which is not always achieved), but we are people, with opinions and feelings and other crazy stuff. Sometimes we like something, and others times we don’t. We try to explain the how and the why when we talk about the games we cover.

      If you want, you are free to refer to me as a fence-sitter. I straddle the middle. I refuse to take a side. The only thing that I will go on record for is that I am a fanboy of the Endless universe by Amplitude Studios, XCOM-verse from Firaxis and Ascendancy is my favorite 4X (warts and all) from the mid 90’s. The rest is just hearsay.

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  9. Now you’re just giving out false information. Stardock does not own the copyright that’s the lawsuits about. Stardock gambled on a bankruptcy fire sale and bought whatever rights Atari had. Atari’s rights were based on a 1988 agreement that expired 10 years ago. That agreement never surrendered any rights just loaned them out. The only thing stardock out of that was rights to Star control 3 which aren’t usable because they’re derivative from the first two.

    Please read the court documents and do some research before you comment again. Even Brad wardell’s on record claiming he doesn’t want the copyright just the trademark. And the only reason Stardock has even a suggestion of a right to the trademark is because these two people are not lawyers and didn’t know 10 years ago they had to defend their rights.

    Do your homework.


    1. Oh, so you can read. Fantastic. Let’s end this “conversation” now. You are arguing semantics.

      Here’s the take away – I am not amending the article until the court renders a judgment. I’m not a lawyer, so I won’t argue either point.

      I’m excited for the game as are some/many others.

      When Fred and Paul post info about their game, we’ll cover it as well.

      You are right. I am wrong. Except I’m right and you’re wrong. Oh wait, it doesn’t matter either way.

      Have a good day.

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    2. One thing we can all be sure of, Evrett, is that none of us here are in possession of all the facts. The courts will sort that out. Nothing of substance can be accomplished trying to litigate it out on a message board.

      As for eXplorminate, we will cover video games. That’s what we are, and what we do. Our loyalty is to our community as a whole. Not any individual member, not any individual dev, and certainly not any politician or political ideology. We are eXplorminate – a site dedicated to 4X and strategy games, and we’re fiercely proud of that!

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      1. I’d really like to escape this dialogue but you guys keep saying things that bring me back. Troy – we have all the facts. The lawsuit is already commenced and the arguments have been turned into the court. Those arguments are public along with their evidence exhibits.
        When you leave out negative information that is public and has been extensively analyzed by various other media Outlets you are not “covering” a game your advertising for it. IGN and PC Gamer are going to be upset with you. It doesn’t help the bias when your reviewer starts the review with something akin to this was the greatest experience of my life.
        You don’t have to agree with my valuation of the legal documents but they’re out there and you should make the public aware at the beginning of your coverage along with a description of the controversy. Why youd leave that out makes no sense to me. Honestly the first few commentors didn’t seem to know about it so you’d be informing those people if nothing else.


      2. You know Troy I followed you here from your last gig because I thought you had integrity and were informative. My issues have largely been with other writers with names I do not recognize..but its disappointing you are answering my reasonable request that you balance the article with snarky sarcasm. I was being polite when I said I dont understand why you left out the negative information. Senior editors should have cleared off the fanbio jizz and fact checked the game before publishing this and you are only leaving my suggestions out now because you guys are anonymous internet people who get off on frustrating and mocking people. Name a UFC gym in the US and a date and I will fly there and we can this discussion without your precious anonymity and until then please stop doing things that are bad for gaming. <—- That is a threat. This is your one and only warning. The next time, you will be banned and your posts deleted. I will attribute this to it being late or whatever. You will not make friends with that kind of an attitude. Also, you are addressing that threat to the wrong person. Address it to me, then I will give you a UFC/Boxing/Judo/Taekwondo/Krav Maga/etc gym and you fly out there, and you will get a chance to talk to me in any way you want… after you sign a disclaimer/waiver. Anonymity will be lifted, and your e-badass will get a chance to prove how hardcore you are. I will even fly-up Rob, AKA, Devildog, a retired Marine and Law Enforcement Officer who is a paramedic and a martial artist to referee. But Everett, you have to be very careful what you ask for. For all you know, I am 6'8" and 285 lbs of pure muscle who's a retired CIA agent who consults for the military. Anonymity goes both ways.



      3. People who work for the US military in the last ~80 years are war profiteers, traitors and cowards who continually followed illegal orders in exchange for government handouts. If that is you and your colleagues well there is no surprise you are sheltering these bad developers who put their self ahead of their customers and community over and over. I’m sure these bad developers make you feel better about your failings to do your duty.You are failing to protect the gaming community from greedy deleopers like you failed to protect the US from greedy politicians and Industrialists.

        Gah you can be sure I’m done here here now. Anonymity does has the benefit of hiding ugliness. I really feel dirty for interacting with you people so long.


      4. Lol, alright my man. Go take a shower, and have a good night. Maybe you will grow up some day, and maybe you won’t. But the offer stands. You can bring your UFC baddass up to New England, and we can “work” things out… After you sign a disclaimer/waiver. I’m game. Until then, you have yourself a good one.

        Thanks for following us for so long.


      5. That’s mostly not true, most of the facts are public and were made public (often stupidly) by both parties. The legal interpretation is unusually incredibly messy, though.


  10. Erm well you’re going to have to updated at some point because the first thing that’s going to happen is an injunction against star control Origins. And then we get to wait 2 or 3 years while lawyers make money. You seem to be treating this as if it’s a legal issue. If it were a legal issue I’d understand your behavior though I think leaving information out of the article is just advocating for Stardock. But this isn’t a legal issue. Best result for stardock is they get the trademark and can sell Star control handbags and a version of star control Origins without any starcontrol assets. Stardock has no legal right to the copyrighted material, which is been pointed out by numerous lawyers already in numerous articles. this is about Brad Wardell not being able to admit he’s wrong and wadted 400k. And that’s why you should be making mention of this. It’s not a legal issue it’s a bad for gaming behavioral issue.
    Two or three years from now we’re going to be told that the assets are divided and neither game gets published because these people can’t work together. And I’m going to say isnt it a shame people in the community didn’t pressure them to work for a better result.


  11. Holy cow, should post at top of article to put a bag of popcorn in the microwave to be ready for the comment section :D

    Kidding aside, just like to say that I like how Explorminate handled this article. This is a good preview of the game IMO, and I don’t think there is any onus on you to cover the legal proceedings here. If you wanted to talk about it, I think that would’ve been fine too, but personally I prefer it being just previewing the game.

    Evrett’s conduct here is frustrating. Dude, we’re all just gamers here who like to talk 4x with each other. I think you need to realize that reasonable people can disagree on these matters here, and regardless of your passion on the topic you need to treat people with respect.

    That being said, if there is gonna be a fight, it 100% needs to be streamed :D


  12. My only personal involvement with any of this was the GalCiv2 Community Patch, which we begged Brad to roll in. He did, *and* did a bunch of code fixes for longstanding bugs we had been asking for to boot. For a decade old game.

    Reading all the emails between Brad and Fred & Paul left me extremely biased against the latter two. Brad buys what he *thinks* (and what the seller claimed) were the rights to something, spent millions on development, kept Fred & Paul up to date, was extremely generous and polite to them, and they kept silent for years instead of saying “hey dude you bought a pig in a poke.” (which they may or may not have, internet lawyers aside).

    Finally, I’ve found the eXplorminate bunch to be enthusiastic, knowledgable, and willing to admit when they made a mistake. Farthest thing from fanbois or corporate whores I can possibly imagine. Your shabby treatment of them is unbecoming.

    So Evrett — I don’t know what universe you’re living in, but it doesn’t bear much resemblance to mine. Shame about all the anger and vitrol you’re handing out; it says way more about you than it does about anyone you’re lambasting.


  13. I will say this.

    Any serving members of the military or anyone who supports the military.

    We here at explorminate support you.
    Without question.

    Thank you

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      1. whaaa, can we just keep american politics out of explorminate? I just spent a year and a half living in the US (I’m european) and one of the most baffling things was this blind ‘I support the military whohaaa, if you don’t your a bad american’ thing that seemingly randomly pops up. As if being a good american automatically precludes you from critically examining your own role in conflicts around the world. Sigh. 4X games please! You’re doing a really good job at that, probably the best on the web right now :)

        About star control: I never played it, but your super excited preview and podcast comments have made me very curious. I’ll definitely check it out.


      2. We’ve done that as best as we can, but several eXplorminate staffers (past and present) are military veterans. But yes, politics aside, we really try to be fair to all parties, and the best way to do that is to avoid politics in the first place. Hence why I’m a fence sitter on many subjects like this and try to focus on the games and those that provide them.


  14. Wow!

    I could say quite a lot… but I’ll be brief.

    I played Star Control back when it was released, both one and two. I’m very excited to see a “sequel” (or is it prequel?) after all these years. When I come here, I do so simply to get an opinion from fellow gamers. Truly, that is how I view all of you at explorminate.

    Now, about “other” issues, I for one do not see this as the time and place to devote anything to legal complexities behind this game, this is not why I come here, and perhaps I’m crazy, but I view that as being neutral… which is exactly what you guys should be.

    The mere fact that you allowed the dissenting comments to be posted, speaks highly of you.

    Much respect Gents.


  15. Had to jump in, first time on the site, first read. I enjoyed the preview and look forward to a real review…while I’m playing my pre-order copy! :D Evrett is not a very nice person. And the random assertion that you need to explain every aspect of a companies history to put up a review about a game is just gibbering nonsense. No need to fight for realz though guys, I can confirm that everyone who argues on the internet is a loser. Everyone lost :)

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  16. There’s already a thread on the forums to argue the legality of stuff related to SC:O.

    This article was meant to be just a preview.

    And I think it did a good job.

    And I don’t recall ever seeing a notice of or claim to objectivity on explorminate.

    Upto you to judge the merits of what you read here.

    As for the posturing and MMA gymn blah blah…really, grown men arguing on the Internet about another company’s actions?

    Do any of you work for Stardock, or P+F? Are any of you materially affected by what’s going on, or just (not) offended?

    Feel free to like or not like actions taken but the exchange here is really disheartening.



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