Starpoint Gemini Warlords is the best 4X/Space Sim hybrid on the market today. Okay, it might be the only one. Regardless, SGW is a great game and manages to successfully combine two genres that might not seem to have much to do with each other at first glance.

Today, LGM Games has announced the final paid DLC for SGW, appropriately called Endpoint. The new DLC will put the finishing touches on the game’s story and adds a lot of juicy content to an already jam-packed game. Endpoint will feature:

  • An all new storyline that follows the story of the Gemini Protectorate faction
  • Eight new ship designs, across all ship classes
  • New NPCs to interact with during the story missions
  • Branching paths – make choices that affect the storyline
  • Modified planetary assault where players can attack planets alone and seize enemy territory when the last planet is conquered
What do we have here?

But that’s not all you get with Endpoint. Anyone who knows LGM Games knows that their support for their titles is second to none. The fact that this DLC is the last one for SGW doesn’t mean that support to the game is coming to an end. Players can expect patches, updates, and even new free content for the game. LGM Games is bringing NVIDIA Ansel to the game, and the studio is always updating the game engine and finding new ways to optimize performance. It’s just the kind of support and dedication that players have come to expect from LGM Games and the Starpoint series.

Starpoint Gemini Warlords: Endpoint is available now on Steam for 6.99 USD/EUR. And don’t worry, my fellow Xbox One brethren, you won’t be left out. LGM Games promises that all SGW content, paid and free, is coming to your console soon, and that includes Endpoint.

LGM Games is also now offering the Starpoint Gemini Warlords Gold Pack which includes the base game and all the DLC at a pretty steep discount. If you already own the base game but haven’t bought all the DLC yet, the Gold Pack is a great way to pick up the rest of the content at a great price.

It’s the end!

And did we mention that all things Starpoint are on sale at a discount on Steam right now? What are you waiting for? Go go go and conquer!



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