Upcoming Amplitude Expansions Announced!!!

On July 26th, Amplitude announced a pair of expansions for Endless Legend and Endless Space 2.

The first expansion was Inferno. You can find our initial announcement for Inferno HERE. In its latest announcement, Amplitude revealed a new faction called The Kapaku. They were on the brink of extinction when the Endless brought them to Auriga, the world of Endless Legend. They prefer volcanic tiles and utilize strategic resources in a way different from the other factions.


Inferno also has a new feature: The Dust Eclipse. These can happen at any point during any season and offer new opportunities for all factions. According to the announcement, a dust eclipse adds new objectives to the map that will reward players for pursuing them.

Perhaps most interestingly, this expansion is not being developed by Amplitude. Instead, NGD Labs (of Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars fame) has created this new DLC. There is a lot of interest in this project. If it proves successful, it could create a whole new business model for supporting a game post-launch.


Also in its latest announcement, Amplitude also revealed Supremacy for Endless Space 2. Like Inferno, Supremacy will add a new faction: The Hissho. The Hissho had previously been a minor faction in ES2, but are getting a promotion of sorts. For those who don’t remember, the Hissho are an avian faction with a military focus. Count on them to get economic bonuses for war and have a higher tolerance for sustained military campaigns.

Hissho ships will be more flexible than other factions’ ships. They will have module slots that can hold both weapons and support modules, offering players powerful options to quickly retrofit their fleets for new roles.


Supremacy will also introduce the Behemoth ship class. These massive spacefaring structures can hold more modules and any other ship type and promise to be the most powerful in the game.

Ground combat will also be refreshed in this expansion. It was a source of many gripes when ES2 came out. Fans will surely be looking forward to any improvements to this system. Best of all, the updates to ground combat will be free! You won’t have to buy Supremacy to get it.


Both expansions will be available August 2nd. They are currently available for pre-order for $11.69 each or you can get both for $20.78.

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