Endless Legend: Inferno – Auriga Burns!

Just when you thought it was safe to put Endless Legend on the shelf since its development cycle was likely over, the developers at Amplitude Studios dropped a bomb on their social media outlets. Just before going on vacation (as Europeans are wont to do this time of year) they announced a new DLC for Endless Legend (EL) called “Inferno.” You can read the official announcement on their games2gether forums.


Long-time followers of EL will recall that much of the game (and one of its expansions) is dedicated to dealing with the hardships of winter as all life on Auriga comes to an end. This DLC promises something different. Fire and lava, we can only wonder what this means for EL as the details are sketchy at this point, and unless you also are headed to the French Riviera, you’ll have to wait like the rest of us for the folks at Amplitude to return and tell us all about the upcoming goodies in Inferno.

Trust eXplorminate to keep you posted as more details roll in, and we wish everyone a very happy summertime!

14 thoughts on “Endless Legend: Inferno – Auriga Burns!

  1. Everybody always hates on EL’s winter – I have always liked it. It’s interesting to me to have to suddenly switch tactics multiple times per game.


  2. “Just before going on vacation (as Europeans are wont to do this time of year) ”

    Just a reminder that Europe has 500 million inhabitants, so be careful of sweeping statements like that please.

    Back on topic, looks like Amplitude are determined to milk EL for all it’s worth.

    I maintain my stance that it is a very overrated game, and befoer you ask, yes I have tried replaying it recently. Worse than I remembered.


    1. Fair enough, but EL has sold (we believe around 1.5 million copies for the base game), so there is that. Not every game is for every person, and thankfully there are enough games out there to satisfy most gamers.


    1. @Nate, wrt sales, Civ 5 and 6 have both sold more than EL too I’m sure, but Civ 5 was not a good game imho, and i won’t go near Civ 6.

      Sales don’t = quality.

      Anyway, agree to disagree and all that. let’s just be happy that the 4x genre is enlargened, as the more the merrier imho.

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