There are a few games from 1990’s that never received direct sequels, yet which live on to this day in legend as all time great strategy games. Ascendancy, Alpha Centauri, Master of Magic, and many others are still played twenty years later, leaving gamers pining for a sequel or a spiritual successor. Today, we can remove a name that’s been mentioned on these kinds of lists over and over: King of Dragon Pass.

Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind by A Sharp Studios is the long-awaited follow-up to KoDP. However, the game is an iOS App Store exclusive for now. That said, Six Ages is a blend of interactive story, turn-based strategy, and Bronze Age roleplaying. Players will guide their clan past rampaging dinosaurs, demanding neighbors, illicit lovers, and warring gods to an unknown destiny.


A Sharp producer David Dunham stated, “We’re closing in on 200,000 copies of King of Dragon Pass out there. Our fans have wanted us to make another game like it for almost 20 years. We finally have.”

Six Ages reforges KoDP’s unique elements (the mythic setting of Glorantha, multiple-choice decisions with long-term consequences, advisors with their own initiative, immense replayability) into a modern app that tells a compelling a multi-generational story.


Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind will sell for $9.99, and will have no in-app purchases. It will run on iOS 9 or later.

PC fans, don’t lose heart! A Sharp has stated that they are currently developing the game for other platforms, and expect to release them next year.

Six Ages Features:

• Short story elements, automatic saving, and built in note taking make it perfect for brief play sessions.
• Procedural content and over 400 interactive scenes allow for dynamic and repeated playthroughs.
• Over 468 000 words of text.
• Multiple difficulty levels, and the option for Iron Willed players to limit restores.
• Gorgeous hand-painted high-resolution artwork.
• Fully accessible to blind players via VoiceOver.


Six Ages is envisioned as the first of six loosely linked games. They can be played in any order, letting you continue the story of your clan over thousands of years. The next two games are tentatively titled Lights Going Out and The World Reborn. You can learn more about Six Ages at


      • Nope, I just replayed it about 6 times and until I figured it all out. And by that I mean, getting so large you have to split your tribe multiple times.


  1. I have KoDP, played it a few times in fact and to be honest it elicits mixed feelings from me. Part of the game is engaging… some parts I found a bit boring. For example, I dug the parts where you seemed to be writing the history of your tribe but didn’t care for how abstract the raids were.
    Still, I think the concept is quite solid but would hope there is enough innovation in “Six Ages Ride like the Wind”‘ to make it truly stand out. Another observation is the artwork… I realize this is a matter of taste, but while this style may have been acceptable decades ago, I’m not too sure how it will be received today. A game like KoDP is all about immersion, any area that fails to generate that immersion would be a serious liability



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