Join Nate and Troy as they bring you all the important information on all of your favorite 4X and strategy games! This week they talk about Endless Space 2, Dawn of Andromeda, Age of Wonders: Planetfall, Total War: Three Kingdoms, Eador: Imperium, Civilization and much much more. As well as continued coverage for your other favorite 4X and strategy games!Audio Player

Music for eXplorminate by Mangadrive

Show Notes:

  1. Endless Space 2 update – 1:45
  2. Dawn of Andromeda update – 3:38
  3. Age of Wonders: Planetfall update – 5:13
  4. Total War: Three Kingdoms update and pre-E3 Preview – 7:53
  5. Eador: Imperium update – 14:30
  6. Civilization retrospective – 20:49
  7. Stardock is having a huge sale – 22:51
  8. Dark Nebula online? – 26:04
  9. Transendence update – 28:27
  10. Imperator: Rome update – 29:00
  11. Battletech update – 34:37
  12. Phoenix Point update – 36:38
  13. Steam is FIXED… Just kidding, it’s a bigger shithole! – 38:10
  14. Everybody is going to E3, we’ll report on it on the next WEX – 47:12

Games played – 47:42

  1. BattleTech Steam page



  1. You are right Nate – you are crazy Lol. Youtube working to improve and innovate is lazy? Developing AI to help run the largest public access website in the world is lazy?
    My perspective is we are living through and participating in one of the most transformative technological revolutions in human history – the digital revolution; which is as world altering as the agricultural revolution or the invention of the wheel or writing or printing etc. And this revolution is occurring at exponential speed compared to those earlier ones. There are bound to be bumps along the way.
    AI is a core aspect of this revolution that is absolutely necessary. It’s not possible for humans to manage every little thing in a global online environment. Without AI we would not and could not have all the tech and the new psychic realm of cyberspace to invade and colonize and enjoy. Youtube and Google generally are at the forefront in developing the AI tools that make this revolution possible; and I think they are doing a pretty good job; but it is a work in progress; it will be some time yet before they get it right.

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    • Told ya, but as a “content” producer, we get to see a lot of the backend stuff that we can’t really discuss. But who knows, right?

      There is one more bit of info, my best friend is an engineer at Alphabet/Google. So I get tidbits here and there about what is going on behind the scenes…


  2. I agree with Nat on the lazy idea. I see companies all the time in IT who come out with great widely used products but in certain things they are just lazy and don’t develop parts fully. Management consoles are a big one.

    Usually when I hear a studio gets bought by a publishers I think of EA. So I assume it will be the beginning of the end for that studio. I have no sense of dread this time. Paradox seems to be a good fit for them and look forward to more BattleTech.


  3. The comment Nate made about the stand-up play of the arcades versus the sitting-down play of home gaming caught my attention. In Japanese arcades, which are actually still going strong, the machines are actually seated, and you play sitting down. The stand-up cabinet form is an American thing.


  4. I’m still going to disagree on Steam, but it’s not a hill I care that much about, I suppose.
    What’s more worrisome is how, in the digital age, monopolies are more entrenched than ever. There is no reasonable scenario where I see Steam, Facebook, Google, or Amazon (or on the backend, Microsoft, Oracle, Visa, Cisco) get enough competition that they don’t dictate their market – people just don’t even consider using anything else. At best, they’ll fight between themselves, but if one were to actually win it would only be for the gain of another. I wish Gibson wasn’t likely to be a visionary, but damn.

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  5. I work for a big three-letter publicly held company and I can tell you with 150% assurance that Nate is right.

    “Companies” are lazy — inasmuch that executive/management is trying to make as much money as they can with as little investment and risk as possible. That means funding only what they think they *have to* to stay in business and make or increase profits and market share, no more.

    Sometimes the *people* that are assigned the thankless job of keeping the whole shit show running on a shoestring pull off amazing things. Mostly they pull off mediocre things. Sometimes it all falls down in a heap.

    (aside: note that by companies I mean publicly-held ones. Private companies are fuelled by whatever makes the owners tick, which might include motivations other than money. Large public companies are basically toxic concentrations of human greed).

    Amusingly enough, I found the last 15 minutes pretty funny — both because of Nate’s rant and the illusion that the audio was reacting to the rant and getting worse as he went on. I do wish you guys better luck with the sound though, audio problems seem to be a recurring theme lately.

    Great show as always, thanks guys!

    p.s. the next time someone looks at me funny for being excited about a new computer game, I’m going to tell them it’s OK – recommended, in fact – and that I have a Professional opinion to back me up. ;)


    • Thanks for the support. With the undoing of the net neutrality laws, I suspect that this type of issue will only be exacerbated. I’ve noticed that a bunch of YouTubers I follow have had major issues with their internet of late. Conspiracy theory? Maybe, but it have a solid tinfoil helmet ready!

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  6. I think I’m coming to the end of my rope with 4x. The games are impressive, but not fun. CiVI is killing me. Games should reward the player. That game just looks for one opportunity after another to punish the player. The payback in enjoyment is not worth the investment in time.

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  7. It’s nice that Eador: Imperium started implementing some features from the Eador: New Horizons. ;)

    Unrelated: wondering what does it take for a Steam addict to switch to another dealer. ;)



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