Age of Wonders: Planetfall Announced!


Triumph Studios has finally stopped teasing us on the eXplorminate forums and announced Age of Wonders: Planetfall at PDXcon!

Who shall lead us?

AoW: Planetfall is a science fiction-themed empire builder and planetary conquest game set in the ruins of a fallen galactic empire. The game will feature Triumph’s industry-leading, turn-based, tactical combat and rich science fiction worlds set on the beautiful maps we have come to expect from the Age of Wonders series over the years.

Wow, looks like something fell right there… You see that?

Whether any of the fantasy races from Triumph’s previous titles will make the jump to the science fiction setting is unknown. But our crack team of eXplorminate researchers expects the same kind of interesting race/class combinations in AoW3 to make a return in AoW: Planetfall. The game will feature a single player campaign that will reveal the history of the new setting and the fallen empire that left behind the tantalizing ruins you see in the artwork and screenshots. As usual, Triumph promises the ability to create random maps and online multiplayer to give AoW: Planetfall plenty of replay value.

That looks fantastical.

The impeccable Age of Wonders III is an excellent game with a tight, focused design that has a lot of fans on the eXplorminate staff with turn-based tactical combat that stands head and shoulders above the competition. We are expecting big things from Triumph Studios and AoW: Planetfall and will be eagerly awaiting development updates.

We want more AoW III in our combat for sure!!!

Will some weird alien bug guys feel the wrath of my Space Dwarves? Will dire penguins be armed with laser cannons? Stay tuned to eXplorminate to find out!

The game is being developed by Triumph Studios and published by Paradox Interactive. The release date is set for some time in 2019.

Let’s do this!!!


20 thoughts on “Age of Wonders: Planetfall Announced!

  1. Yay!

    I loved AoWIII but after a hard drive snafu erased a playthrough that I was 20+ hours into, I just cannot bring myself to play it anymore. The pain – it is real. 😭


    1. That happened to me with XCOM 2, where Steam decided not to back up my local saves to the cloud but instead opted to erase my local saves because they did not exist in the cloud.


      1. You have my condolences! And yeah, for me it was a simple OS reinstall and I did not realize that for some reason AoWIII was not saving to the cloud.

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  2. Another Paradox game, eh? Is this going to be another Battletech where all the characters are women and minorities and the gender choices for your character are ‘male, female, and ‘other’?

    I hope the Social Justice Warriors at Paradox are told to knock it off for this game.


    1. You sound a bit closed minded especially with the complaint against ‘male, female, and other’. I mean what the hell does it even matter?.


      1. I just don’t understand the hate against multiple gender options beyond two. Regardless you’ll just select one, and move on.


  3. SJWs and anti SJWs…you’re (plural, you the group as a whole, not naming people here) both “bigots” and you’re both arseholes.

    In any case, look at the released screenshots. The vanguard leader shown there, Jack Gelder(?)…what does he (there’s a clue…) look like?

    I mean, at least wait a bit until you have more information before getting angry. You’re just making yourself look rather silly.

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  4. Okay, the SJW and anti-SJW and every argument that stems from it doesn’t belong here. Is it because we chose one side or another? No. We just don’t need to argue about this here. Lots of other places that this argument can be had. I’d rather if we focus on the game itself. If the devs wants a designation of: Male/Female/Other/Space Invader, Robot Overlord, Sexual Deviant, Asexual Self-replicating Clone, Pink/Purple/Green Menace… So on and so forth… It doesn’t matter to me. If someone wants to argue those merits, please take it to the developer forums and argue with them. Here, we argue about the other stuff :D

    Thank you,


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  5. This is so promising! Look forward to learning more about the game. Hopefully you can get the devs on the podcast again sometime in the future.

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