Too many space 4X games got you down? Don’t worry, the fine folks at Slitherine Games are here to help with a new historical 4X title, Aggressors: Ancient Rome, set to release Q3 2018.


AAR is a turn-based, 4X game set in the ancient world where players will choose to relive, or rewrite, history as one of 20 factions that run the gamut from Ptolemaic Egypt to Sparta and Carthage. The game will feature in-depth empire management including traditional genre standbys like technological research and economic decisions. But players will also have to manage internal politics, laws and reforms, and the mood of the populace as well.



Combat looks like it will be pretty detailed; each unit will have its own abilities and traits. As you might expect from a Slitherine title, the tide of battle in AAR can turn on the terrain itself. The game looks to bring army morale and supply into the equation as well, two considerations that don’t often show up in traditional 4X titles.



AAR also promises complex diplomacy and a variety of starting and world generation options to keep the game going and your strategy gaming sessions fresh and interesting. But you don’t have to take my word for it (cue LeVar Burton…)! Slitherine has an open beta that is starting now.



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