The Winners Are…

So, are you ready? Good, good.

The round 3 winners (where everyone wins) are as follows:

BTAxis – Missed Opportunity? Yea.

unholyFroggod – Prize Claimed – Boxy good time.

nexus2004 – Missed Opportunity? Yea.

SilasOfBorg – Prize Claimed – Driven to success.

KoynePurse – Prize Claimed – Quest Conquered! 

I a Pascual – Prize Claimed – Challenge accepted.

Cluster – Missed Opportunity? Yea.

Cable nexus – Missed Opportunity? Yea.

Bit Gamer – Prize Claimed – WIP 

rotarrin – Prize Claimed – Abracadabra… Done. 

Andrés – Prize Claimed – WIP

Scott Crawford – Missed Opportunity? Yea.

Skurvy5 – Missed Opportunity? Yea.

spat – Missed Opportunity? Yea.

harley9699 – Missed Opportunity? Probably.

their prizes by e-mailing us at You have until Thursday 12pm EST. We might be scraping the bottom of the barrel, but you won’t know unless you try.


The round 2 winners are as follows:

Mythox – Prize Claimed – Space conquered.

GermanDad – Prize Claimed – He shoots, he scores!!!

trucnar – Prize Claimed – Another satisfied customer.

blacksmokedmax – Prize Claimed – Difficulty managed.

Gestalt – Missed Opportunity? Absolutely.

newbluebox – Prize Claimed – WIP

oipic – Prize Claimed – 99.5% satisfaction guaranteed. 

Claim their prizes by e-mailing us at You have until Tuesday 12pm EST. We might do a 3rd round. It really depends.


The round 1 winners are as follows:

MoRmEnGiL – Prize Claimed – It was a kickass game too.

Sarge – Prize Claimed – Winner’s Choice.

Rui Castro – Prize Claimed – Got a kickass Early Bird special.

gee rpm – Prize Claimed – Phew, that was tricky. 

The Old Farmer – Prize Claimed – Took a bit

moraine – Prize Claimed – Winner’s Choice.

Shawn Roske – Missed Opportunity? Probably.

After these folks claim their prizes by e-mailing us at, we will draw more names. The round 2 winners will be posted on Sunday, so stay tuned.

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  1. Congratulations everyone for the win, and thank you for the giveaway. You weren’t messing around with this one even though it was on april fools ;)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great way to end a long hard week of protesting. Thanks, eXplorminate!
    The Oklahoma legislature may not value me, but I know my 4X buddies do! You guys rock! :p

    Liked by 2 people

  3. The human species must be grateful to eXplorminate for gifting me a game key – a temporary outlet to channel my desires for doom and destruction. Puny humans are safe for now.


    Liked by 1 person

  4. A giveaway with all the intrigue and subterfuge that is coming soon to Civ 6 via its next expansion; this here is, I suspect, stage 1 of a rather convoluted ARG that has been years in the making in partnership with Firaxis. It would explain a lot.

    (thanks for the giveaway, Nate and team – you guys are wonderful, and wonderful to us!)


  5. Ohh, I heard that round 2 has already happened with today’s podcast. I was waiting for a second post for it. Anyway it is good to learn that I won something; ı haven’t won anything up to now from games of chances, happy to break my haplessness. Well, technically, I couldn’t claim my prize but thanks again for the competition:)).



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