The Winners Are…

So, are you ready? Good, good.

The round 3 winners (where everyone wins) are as follows:

BTAxis – Missed Opportunity? Yea.

unholyFroggod – Prize Claimed – Boxy good time.

nexus2004 – Missed Opportunity? Yea.

SilasOfBorg – Prize Claimed – Driven to success.

KoynePurse – Prize Claimed – Quest Conquered! 

I a Pascual – Prize Claimed – Challenge accepted.

Cluster – Missed Opportunity? Yea.

Cable nexus – Missed Opportunity? Yea.

Bit Gamer – Prize Claimed – WIP 

rotarrin – Prize Claimed – Abracadabra… Done. 

Andrés – Prize Claimed – WIP

Scott Crawford – Missed Opportunity? Yea.

Skurvy5 – Missed Opportunity? Yea.

spat – Missed Opportunity? Yea.

harley9699 – Missed Opportunity? Probably.

their prizes by e-mailing us at You have until Thursday 12pm EST. We might be scraping the bottom of the barrel, but you won’t know unless you try.


The round 2 winners are as follows:

Mythox – Prize Claimed – Space conquered.

GermanDad – Prize Claimed – He shoots, he scores!!!

trucnar – Prize Claimed – Another satisfied customer.

blacksmokedmax – Prize Claimed – Difficulty managed.

Gestalt – Missed Opportunity? Absolutely.

newbluebox – Prize Claimed – WIP

oipic – Prize Claimed – 99.5% satisfaction guaranteed. 

Claim their prizes by e-mailing us at You have until Tuesday 12pm EST. We might do a 3rd round. It really depends.


The round 1 winners are as follows:

MoRmEnGiL – Prize Claimed – It was a kickass game too.

Sarge – Prize Claimed – Winner’s Choice.

Rui Castro – Prize Claimed – Got a kickass Early Bird special.

gee rpm – Prize Claimed – Phew, that was tricky. 

The Old Farmer – Prize Claimed – Took a bit

moraine – Prize Claimed – Winner’s Choice.

Shawn Roske – Missed Opportunity? Probably.

After these folks claim their prizes by e-mailing us at, we will draw more names. The round 2 winners will be posted on Sunday, so stay tuned.

30 thoughts on “The Winners Are…

  1. Congratulations everyone for the win, and thank you for the giveaway. You weren’t messing around with this one even though it was on april fools ;)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great way to end a long hard week of protesting. Thanks, eXplorminate!
    The Oklahoma legislature may not value me, but I know my 4X buddies do! You guys rock! :p

    Liked by 2 people

  3. The human species must be grateful to eXplorminate for gifting me a game key – a temporary outlet to channel my desires for doom and destruction. Puny humans are safe for now.


    Liked by 1 person

  4. A giveaway with all the intrigue and subterfuge that is coming soon to Civ 6 via its next expansion; this here is, I suspect, stage 1 of a rather convoluted ARG that has been years in the making in partnership with Firaxis. It would explain a lot.

    (thanks for the giveaway, Nate and team – you guys are wonderful, and wonderful to us!)


  5. Ohh, I heard that round 2 has already happened with today’s podcast. I was waiting for a second post for it. Anyway it is good to learn that I won something; ı haven’t won anything up to now from games of chances, happy to break my haplessness. Well, technically, I couldn’t claim my prize but thanks again for the competition:)).



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