Victoria III Revealed!


eXplorimate is excited to bring you the latest in Internet-wide exclusive news about everyone’s favorite Grand Strategy developer. That’s right! Paradox Interactive will be releasing Victoria 3: Capitalist Boogaloo some time in Q4 2018.


Time to get hyped for some demographics y’all!!

The initial information came from our crack squad of volunteer data ninjas, who accidentally discovered the title while HTML-mining Paradox’s website for pictures of Crusader Kings 2 characters in their pantaloons. Fortunately, eXplorminate was able to confirm the imminent release of Vicky 3 through enhanced email interrogation techniques.

Victoria 3: Capitalist Boogaloo will definitely be coming out this winter,” wrote a Paradox spokesperson. “We are very excited because Vicky 3 will also be the debut of our new Clausewitz VR game engine. Vicky 3 will be the first VR only title from Paradox and will require a minimum of two GTX 1080ti cards in SLI.”


Welcome to the new normal.

When asked why Paradox was making such a big technological leap with the premier population exploitation simulator in the PC gaming market, the spokesperson responded, “Paradox games have traditionally appealed to a very niche market. We are looking to expand our reach to the community of strategy gamers out there who are both cryptocurrency miners and fans of Census and DMV paperwork.”


Victoria III quality assurance testers hard at work.

The staff here at eXplorminate is super excited to see demographic spreadsheets in VR and we will be bringing our loyal readers screenshots and information as it becomes available. We can’t wait to play Victoria 3: Capitalist Boogaloo and train some clergy and bust some unions while rocking out to public domain tunes!

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