April Fool’s Contest


Greetings and salutations fellow eXplorminators!

Boy, have we got a “thing” for you. Typically, when we hold a contest or a giveaway, you know what we have in store for you. But not this time! In the past few years, we have inadvertently collected some strange keys for some odd games. We would love to share them with you. There are some real rough titles in there, but that isn’t a major turn-off, right?

Don’t worry, we aren’t cruel. Nate has collected some keys from some other publishers that we know you all want. What, you don’t believe us?

You should! He has some really good games, too. The more people that participate, the more likely that those awesome keys will be mixed in with the oddball ones.

What are the rules? Simple.

  1. Be an eXplorminate steam group member.
  2. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch and YouTube. Any two will suffice. Post your handles in the comments below.
  3. Refer us to you friends. The more you do, the greater the chance that you will “win” a top notch key.
  4. Check back regularly to see if you’ve won when the results are announced on April 6th around 2 pm EST or so. 

That’s it.

Fine, fine, we’ll tease you with some of the good keys…

They are good. Really good!


Good luck!

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33 replies »

    • It has come to my attention that I completely forgot to mention my handles.

      Steam / youtube: MoRmEnGiL
      Twitter: @mormengil
      Not going to publicly give out my facebook, but I am following you there too.


  1. Steam: nexus2004
    YouTube: John Sun
    Twitter: @nexus2004_0

    Any fun and hot keys for Divinity: Original Sin 2, Driftland, Predestination, Space Tyrant, Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord, Total War: Warhammer II?


  2. I do not tweet, FB, twitch, or have a YT/google account. So I guess I’m out of the running. Good thing I already have far too many games. :)


  3. Howdy yall! I follow you on Steam, YouTube, facebook and twitter. My handles are – Pugraider on Steam, Geer McGee on Facebook and YouTube, @packofgeer on twitter. Hoping to get one of those Victoria III alpha keys. Virtual reality paperwork has been my dream since I started working. Science says always keeping yourself in a work like environment is the best way to preserve your mental health.


  4. This is Martok on the forums. I follow Explorminate on YouTube (handle: Rotarrin) and Twitter (handle: SamAdams@Rotarrin1976).


  5. I am a april fool so I will enter this contest, maybe I will be a lucky fool.
    steam: mordaine_1st
    twitch: Lord_mordaine
    youtube: mordaine


  6. Woah, you guys rock! No sad April fools jokes or anything, but a real giveaway… love it. :-)

    Steam: andreg_de
    Facebook: andre.boltjes
    YouTube: AndréBoltjes

    As for friends… I think I already have all my friends from our local board game club attracted here… :-)


  7. Count me in. I am a long time subscriber of your channel in YouTube. Long time member of your steam forum. A follower of your twitter, even following you personally and cunningly there :)
    Sad to say, I don’t have a twitch account so not following you there.

    Thanks for the giveaway, again!!!

    Steam: ABCali


  8. I fear this might lead to many copies of Bad Rats, or something similarly meme-worthy adorning our Steam accounts… but in the spirit of adventure, please count me in! Thanks for the giveaway, Team eXplorminate!

    Proudly following eXplorminate as ‘oipic’ on Twitch, and ‘muttergrumble’ on Twitter (and I’m not sure what Google know me as on YouTube these days, but there too!).

    Good luck, all – looking forward to the discussion that follows this giveaway!



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