Join Nate and Troy as they examine the possibilities of future 4X games. With Warhammer 40K: Gladius coming out this year, one of our long-time dreams is coming true: a 4X game in the Warhammer universe. This got us thinking about what other IP’s out there would make good 4X games, so that’s what we’re going to talk about. Come and listen to what we think.

eXplorminate Music by MangaDrive

Show notes:

  1. Finally, a Warhammer 4X game is being created… – 02:09
  2. Babylon 5 TV series – 03:10
  3. Star Wars universe – 14:19
  4. Deadlands RPG – 24:46
  5. Middle-Earth – 33:27
  6. A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin – 44:22
  7. Wild Cards book series by George R. R. Martin – 53:07
  8. The Expanse TV series – 58:09
  9. Tragic’s 4X Idea Thread


  1. I have to agree with BTAxis, Star Wars: Empire at War would be a 4X except that there’s no exploration, but to be fair the Star Wars galaxy is already explored in that era. You’d need to set it during the Old Republic Era or possibly the interregnum between episodes 6 and 7.

    On the topic of Deadlands, there are also post-apocalyptic and space era spinoffs for more material.

    I’m starting to think that Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series might also make a good 4X. The Foundation leveraging their technological superiority over the surrounding “barbarian” kingdoms, exploring the ruins of the Empire and encountering other hostile kingdoms, eventually fighting the remnants of the Empire and warlords like the Mule…

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    • Since the galaxy in Asimov’s Empire/Foundation universe has already been thoroughly explored & colonized, a 4x game wouldn’t make sense.

      It would, however, make a fantastic setting for a grand-strategy game; I would play the hell out of something like that. In fact, I now wonder that no Foundation mod exists for Stellaris (I believe there’s 1-2 out there, but they’re incomplete).


  2. I badly want to see another Star Trek 4x game, specifically from the ENT/TOS/TNG/DS9/VOY universe (the “real” one). Given the popularity of the franchise, I find it somewhat baffling that Birth of the Federation is the only one that’s ever been made thus far.


  3. Fallout.

    Keep all the usual factions (Brotherhood of Steel, etc) but don’t actually make them the group you play as. Make them far off organizations with whom you develop relations and to whom your citizens, and those of rival players, have loyalty.

    Half the tech tree is new tech and the other half is figuring out how to get old stuff working again.

    Keep the scale granular enough that “six dudes and a cow” is a strategic resource. Let people make choices like “given the rumors of super mutant activity near the old airbase, can I afford to run a clean water caravan to my outpost north of there? Or should I send the guys who would be on the caravan to reinforce them, and maybe a medic to help them with the problems they’ll have from drinking groundwater?” Or decisions like, “do I sanction raids on rival farms, knowing that my own farmers will fear retaliatory strikes? Can I control raiders once I’ve sanctioned them, or will they prey on my people too?”

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  4. Umm…Dune? Especially with the new film in the works and several successful RTS games behind it, the time for a new licensed Dune game should be now. It could make a great 4X or another RTS or even tactics game.



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