The XX Show #9 – The MTX/DLC/Lootbox Dilemma…

Join Nate and Troy as they discuss the state of Microtransactions, DLC, and the Loot Box potential in 4X and Strategy games. Should we care? Can anything be done? Is this even a problem? Come and listen to what we think.

eXplorminate Music by MangaDrive

Show notes:

  1. Pc-gamer article talking about Take 2 – 01:51
  2. Pretty Good Gaming talking about Games as a Service – 03:20
  3. Grand Theft Auto V/Online and Shark cards – 05:20
  4. Companies competing against mobile gaming – 14:58
  5. YongYea talking about studio mismanagement – 22:09
  6. Jim Sterling talking about pre-ordering microtransactions – 22:15
  7. Call Of Duty: WWII lootbox spectacle – 22:55
  8. Paradox, Amplitude, Stardock and Firaxis games – 25:14
  9. Brad Wardell weighed in with his thoughts – 34:44
  10. Pretty Good Gaming discussing EA turning off microtransactions in Battlefront 2 – 44:37
  11. Lawmakers in Belgium and Hawaii looking into it… – 49:13
  12. StarCraft 2 already free to play
  13. Other links:


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  1. Not quite fair to Shadow of Mordor. You can go through the whole game without buying loot crates. The game even gives you currency to buy the loot crates and buying loot crates does not offer anything better what you can get by playing the game. Even the siege part where it “might” be considered grindy, is for the additional ending similar to old school RPGs where you have to work a little harder for the “true” or “final” ending. The game is fantastic and should not be grouped with the other money grubbers.

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      • Base game is amazing though. Not sure where you felt it was worsened by micro-transactions. Unfortunately I play a lot of it and if you need any advice on the game as I have not spent any money on purchasing in game currency, I’d be happy to help :)


  2. Hey quick question. Are you guys not uploading these episodes to the usual Explorminate podcast feed (I’m not seeing it in the iOS podcast app, for example). Or, is there possibly a separate feed under a different name?


  3. Great discussion on the whole Expansion vs DLC vs MicroT change in the market. I am an “old” gamer and started back in the days of the whole game had to fit on a floppy thing. We are seeing some of the best PC gaming has to offer in the last 10 years but we are also seeing some of the most underhanded sorts of business practices too.
    The only thing that we as gamers can do is vote with our wallets like Troy said if MT’s come to this niche of gaming then I will not be buying them in the future.

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  4. Great show and topic.

    One thing I think you forgot to mention in terms of the loot box/gambling issue is the fact that they have no regulatory system in place to make sure they aren’t monkeying around with their “random” contents of the loot boxes. Just like any legal gambling establishment with the (video) slot machine can tweak their winning percentages these companies can do the same. If they aren’t being held to the fire on how they implement that, you can bet they will start taking advantage immediately. They shouldn’t be allowed any more benefit of the doubt than any casino in Las Vegas at that point.

    Basically if you aren’t buying what you want and are just hoping to get lucky, you are gambling. If they *really* wanted to just sell you an item so you could “enhance your game play” , they would just offer those for sale as a micro-transaction. That at least would be a conscious choice someone could make…. Provided they don’t slowly/quietly change the exp rates and the like behind the scenes after release. You know if some paranoid gamer isn’t watching and documenting exactly what they are doing, that is just what will happen.

    Having said all that, I do believe the child targeting is the worse of the two. But just because that is worse doesn’t mean they should be able to skate on the other issue.

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