Have you been aching to try out Stardock’s reboot of the Star Control franchise? So have we! Thankfully, we will get the opportunity with the Fleet Battle beta. In short, this is basically the majority of the gameplay that was Star Control 1 from 1990, which pitted opposing ships against each other in a real-time battle arena.

Outfit your ship.

The Fleet Battle beta is all about building your own ships from an extensive ship builder to test and possibly share online for others to fight. You will get the chance to set up your ship’s weapons platforms and defenses. Then you can test them out in combat to find the best combination that works for you.

You’ll be able to play vs the AI, other people online, or even a nearby friend. The choice is yours!

Build your fleet.

In this new Star Control game, you’ll get to create your own story because this iteration of the game is set in a multiverse. Think of it as the space stage of Spore, only without the alien looking aliens… Or maybe they are in the game too.

Star Control: Origins is due to arrive next summer (2018).

Now fight fight fight!!!

Stay tuned for additional coverage for this exciting title!



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