Endless Space 2 Statecraft And Steam Free-weekend Surprise!


The free Statecraft update for Endless Space 2 is here for all to enjoy. With it comes the ES2 free weekend. Free weekend? What’s that?!?! Oh, let us tell you. A free weekend is when a publisher makes their game free for anyone to download and try. Call it a full demo. It officially started on 11-16 and lasts until 11-20-17.

Great, you say, but what does this free update include? Well, that’s what we are here for.


She’s got me under pressure…

Were you unhappy with the state of diplomacy at release? Hopefully no more, because diplomacy received a major update! Alliances, co-op tasks, disagreements within alliances, and the ways one can deal with them are all included. There has also been a revamp to the influence and pressure system, which is used to conquer neighboring systems peacefully or bend your enemies to your will.

And what about resources issues? They’ve also been addressed with a new constellation control and special resource distribution rebalance. Laws have likewise had adjustments made to them. The technology “pie” recieved a balance pass and a few new techs were added for players to explore. Even the academy and the overall economy have been rebalanced for better play.

My great uncle was the space pirate Roberts!!!

Fine, you say, but the minor factions and their pirating ways are still annoying. Well, that has had a development pass too. Pirates now have their own lairs and are divorced from the minors. Border incursions received an adjustment because scouts are less likely to be attacked by friendly minors and AI factions that don’t have a bone to pick. As long as your scout isn’t a threat that is. But what about the academy and the main quest I mentioned above? Well, only the winning side will be able to recruit heroes after the quest is complete. Rewards have been increased and a few other surprises are in store as well.

Okay, so now you’re interested, but you are still on the fence because the combat turned you off. Well, I have some great news. Combat got a lot of attention. Weapon rebalancing, defense rebalancing, ground invasion rework, fighters and bombers, and more are all included in this free update along with revisions to the various quests and missions in the game.

Space stations? Yes please.

Basically, if you don’t already own the game, you should give it a try this weekend – because it’s FREE. Moreover, the more people that play this weekend, the more “stuff” will be added to a free DLC. Seriously, why are you still here? Go go go! And if you like it, don’t forget to pick up a copy for 50% off. Are you still here? No? Good. Have fun!

9 thoughts on “Endless Space 2 Statecraft And Steam Free-weekend Surprise!

  1. Was surprised how this one flopped. There other two 4X games have sold well over a million copies, yet this one hasn’t 200K (according to steamspy anyway). Maybe released too soon after Stellaris…


    1. ES1 had no competition what so ever. EL dropped before CIv:BE and the fan base was eager. ES2 had a rough shape at release. It will hit 1 million copies, just going to take time.

      Amplitude hasn’t given up and neither have we. ES2 is fantastic.


  2. No Linux support and it doesn’t run through Wine so I will have to sit this one out. EL is still one of my favorite all-time games so I would have loved to have tried this.


  3. For those who own/have played more I ask : how asymmetric are the other races? Will play feel very similar, some what similar, or very different for each one?


    1. Each race has at least one unique mechanic so set them apart from the rest.

      Cravers, Vodyani, Riftborn, Lumeris and Unfallen come to mind as the ones that really stand out – they all expand to new systems and/or develop existing systems in a fundamentally different way than other races.

      The other races (Sophons, United Empire, Horatio) are a bit more “normal” – they each have their unique mechanic, but it’s a secondary thing, an extra bonus that doesn’t change most of your gameplay too much IMO.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks!

        After playing it over the free weekend my initial impression is that most of the game is figuring out how to manage your empire. Your opponent in the game mechanics rather than the AI so its more like managing a spreadsheet to optimize X. So I will pass for now.

        Thanks for your input though!



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