Stars in Shadow: Legacies Is Coming Soon!


It’s time to start tinkering with one of our favorite space 4X games! Iceberg Interactive and Ashdar Games have announced the first expansion for Stars in Shadow. The new content is called “Legacies” and will include a new playable race (the Tinkers) a new minor faction, and other additional content.


Looks inviting, doesn’t it?

Do you like bulleted lists? Darn right you do! Stars in Shadow: Legacies will also feature:

  • New playable faction: Tinkers
  1. New population type: cyborgs
  2. New planetary special: Planetary Debris Rings and Asteroid Bases
  3. Space Habitats and Re-deployable Mobile Stations
  • New minor faction: Arda Seed
  1. New “Hyperspace Anomaly” locations
  2. Technology Boosts and Researchable Artifacts
  3. Herald encounters
  • New technologies, weapons, and encounters
Just a slight misunderstanding.

There’s a launch trailer, so definitely check that out. And you can learn even more at the Stars in Shadow site. The new DLC is scheduled to release on October 19 for $4.99. Of course we’ll be planning plenty of coverage, so be sure to check back at eXplorminate for more, because we really really liked the game when it came out!


2 thoughts on “Stars in Shadow: Legacies Is Coming Soon!

  1. Even though I don’t own the game I am looking forward to this update because they plan on updating their Development Roadmap with ‘a more accurate timeline.’ Ever the optimist, I am hoping that this includes an estimated release of the Linux port.


  2. Just picked up the expansion on GOG. Hoping to get some playtime this weekend. The devs are open to community feedback and ideas and seem to be in it for the long haul, I think SiS has a great future ahead of it.



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