Thea 2 Kickstarter Campaign Begins Soon!


When we first discovered Thea: The Awakening, we were taken by surprise. It was an innovative game set to Slavic folklore. We were delighted so much, that we ended up giving it our Game of the Year award in 2015. Later, we learned that Thea had two failed Kickstarter campaigns. I guess we, as a gaming community, didn’t appreciate it for what it was.


We’re going on an adventure…

We can change that this time around! Thea 2: The Shattering is about to embark on its own Kickstarter campaign and we will do our best to get the word out… Like we’re doing now. If you haven’t heard of this game yet, check out our previous coverage here, here and here, to get caught up to the present. Or maybe watch this trailer to get excited instead.

Thea 2 is a turn based, 4X Strategy Survival game with a smattering of RPG elements to take advantage of Muha’s proven lore team. The sequel is set in the same rich, Slavic fantasy world as the original. Players are back as one of the deities from the pantheon trying to fix your broken world. This time around, however, you are no longer restricted to a single tiny village. You can control multiple towns or remain nomadic, taking advantage of being a mobile community. An updated card game and an improved equipment screen are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to new features. Not only that, the art is getting an upgrade too in order to reflect the mysterious changes the world of Thea underwent since we last visited.


Slava is ready for whatever will come… Almost.

eXplorminate will continually update the community on the progress of Thea 2’s kickstarter and development. We’re confident that this title will be one of the most anticipated 4X games to come out over the next 12 months, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on it.

You can visit Muha’s official site HERE and visit the kickstarter HERE(this will be updated very soon).

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  1. As long as they plan Linux support, I will definitely back. And considering how generous they were to Linux users with the first game, I would be surprised if they don’t support us this go-around.


  2. great news. i hope the kickstarter campaign goes well for MuHa Games.

    and i’m happy that eXplorminate will spread the word.
    MuHa has earned themself so much respect with their work on Thea 1, the least the community can do is help them spread the word.

    i realy hope the kickstarter campaign will succeed, looking forward to Thea 2.


  3. Fantastic artstyle. So fairytale’ish. Nice to see something better then the WoW or Ubisoft games excessive and unpersonal style in fantasy art again.


  4. I never would have picked the first one up if you guys hadn’t talked about it so much. I don’t do card games and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Am looking forward to this one.

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