Dominions 5: Warriors Of The Faith Is Coming

Fans of massively detailed 4X games rejoice! The venerable Dominions series is barreling towards its latest sequel: Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith. Illwinter games has just announced that the new title is nearing completion and should be released on Linux, PC, and Mac this November. Talk about short notice!


Explorminate will be covering this game, but like you, we are just now learning about it. Thankfully, the good folks of Illwinter have given us a new feature list for Dom5:

New Features

  • Real time combat
  • Per unit combat logs
  • Design your pretender’s bless effect
  • Priest’s banishment and smite spells will depend on what type of god he follows
  • History playback when game is over, see how dominion spread and provinces changed owners
  • New random maps with bridges and better looking terrains
  • New resource system with recruitment points that encourages recruiting in highly populated areas
  • Fortifications built by starting at the basic type, then upgrading it later
  • New research queue, researching is now one school at a time
  • New movement system
  • Winter shown on map and affects movement
  • Dominion overlay on map to clearly show its boundaries
  • New retreat system, good leaders can prevent units from dispersing in all directions
  • Updated user interface with information more clearly presented than before
  • New 3d-engine with better looking terrain, huge performance increase for good graphics cards
  • More reliable network, now works on less than perfect connections too
  • New nations
  • Some old nations have been reworked and updated
  • More spells, magic items, special abilities, events, monsters, titles, thrones….


More information about this will be released as we draw closer to launch. We wish Illwinter all the best with their new title. If you’re a fan of highly detailed fantasy 4X games or simply curious about what this new game has to offer, you can find more information about it on the developer’s official site HERE. If you still don’t know what to think, here’s our review for Dominions 4 as well as our Conquest of Elysium eXcursion. Stay tuned for more news.

16 thoughts on “Dominions 5: Warriors Of The Faith Is Coming

  1. I guess I am going to have to try this series one day I love the concept and in theory it sounds like something I would enjoy, but the intimidation factor is high, the graphics are so ugly (not something that I ever thought I would say), and the last time I tried a game with this much detail (CKII) I hated it.

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  2. never played this – reminds me of the D&D setting Birthright which i thought was pretty cool .

    I agree the graphics were the main thing that turned me off to it, but i may try this new one . I will have to watch some let’s plays of it – maybe Quill will do one – always enjoy his vids


      1. limiting the research system to a linier one schol per turn system that uses a queue. Quicking to real time combat for battles which speeds things up but makes battles much harder to follow.


    1. Yeah, I somehow missed the “real time combat” bit. I guess I won’t be starting my foray into the series with this one. This is exactly why I hated CKII – I was still trying to figure out wtf was going on and what the three trillion* buttons on the UI did two hours into the game while combats were being lost without my help. Thankfully Steam was generous with that refund window.

      *give or take 2.9 trillion.


      1. Sarge – Its not real time combat – its same time combat. Previously the two sides would take turns moving (everyone on one side moves – defenders first). Now units move/act simultaneously. Not sure about the detailed mechanics but its not real time as in Warcraft/Starcraft etc.

        You still set up your battle plans and then observe the outcome of the fights at the start of the next turn.


      2. Nate, I would say its more like Dominions (haven’t played O Empires so can’t say for sure) but I am sure Dominions came first. Its still: players plan turns, submit turns, turns are resolved by server w/ battles occurring in an automated way, start of next turn you get results of battles. During the planning step you can choose to observe a battle that takes place in real time and during the battle you will see that both sides act simultaneously where previously the two sides alternated actions. For those who haven’t played Dominions, observing the battles is critical for strategic and tactical planning for future battles. Its the heart of the game and why people really like the Dom series and where the incredible depth of play comes from due to the interactions between spells, magic items, and troop capabilities.

        Mechanistically I would guess there is no longer a defender first action advantage (which does matter a lot for spell casting purposes in D3 or 4).



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