GoG’s Sudden Strike 4 Giveaway

Greetings and Salutations fellow eXplorminators. Do you like to play as one of the main sides on the Western Front in World War II? Do you like RTS games? Do you hate DRM? Well, we have got a nice surprise for you.


Our friends at GoG have sent us a bunch of copies of Sudden Strike 4, a WWII RTS set in the European theatre. That’s great, you say, but why does it matter to you? Simple. We are going to share these copies with you, our eXplormination community members.

What do you need to do to qualify?

It’s easy!


1-2-3-4, let’s have us a WAR!!!

Be an eXplorminate community member. Follow us on one of these platforms: YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and Facebook. If you already do? Great. If not? Here’s your chance.

Also leave a comment in the comments section below with your Name (real or otherwise) and tell us why you would like a copy.

Finally, check to see if you have won a copy when the winners are chosen on September 15th. Also make sure you actually contact us – when you find out that you have won within 48 hours of the posting to claim your key.


Like fighting in a field…

I told you it would be easy.

Good luck and good fortune!


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  1. Hi there ,
    Yet another generosity ! Is it only for hardcore gamers (like eXplorminate steam forum) or is it open also to humble people ?
    Whatever, I remenber how the sudden Strike 3 was rejected by the same intolerants minds. “3D is shit” as they were saying… So I suppose they dislike SS4 in the same way and that they’re still playing only 2D awfull B&W games… No ? they’re playing 3D 4X now ? what a surprise… !
    Ok I would like to win that Gog key, just for that sort of “better gamers than others” do not. But I will not apreciate it as it’ should be,..
    So give it to a wargaming openmind lover if you know one.

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  2. Remember when you were a kid (I’m 36) and you’d have a raggedy old PC magazine that was 6 months old, but it had a preview for a game (that you couldn’t afford) and you would just read it, over and over and over again, studying the screenshots?

    You would study the pictures trying to imagine what they would look like in motion and how it would ‘feel’ to play.

    Sudden Strike 1 in PC Zone was that game for me. I used to scrutinise the little pixelated units endlessly and animate them in my head.

    That’s Sudden Strike for me, pure nostalgia for when screenshots and articles used to properly tickle your imagination long before ‘let’s plays’ existed.

    Seeing your tweet about a new one coming out brought all that back so I have to throw my hat into the ring!

    Neil @gingerpembers

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  3. I would like this game because I’ve been itching to play a good RTS for some time and this game looks awesome
    (@CaioLuiz__ following on twitter)


  4. I’m curious about trying it. I haven’t played any of the first three but I was a big fan of the Close Combat games.

    I follow in Steam / Twitter / Facebook / MySpace / Prodigy / Gopher as BitGamerX


  5. Emiliano. Because yeah, no matter how busy is life and work, nothing like playing some good brutal RTS can help switching the brain off from real life!


  6. Hello! I’m Skurvy5. I’d love to win this game because I grew up playing strategy and WW2 games. My favorite was a LAN game of HoI2 with my friends. But we also played AoE2 and Rome: Total War. Sudden Strike 4 looks interesting and I’d enjoy playing it! Best of luck to all who have entered.



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