When considering how we might celebrate our third birthday, we naturally focused on the number three. As always, we wanted to do a giveaway for all our fans, and this year we wanted to use “three” as part of the theme. But how could a site devoted to 4X games somehow tie itself to three? Then it hit us. There have only ever been three games to earn an eXemplary rating from us: Endless Legend, Stellaris, and Distant Worlds: Universe. What if we gave away three copies of the three best games we ever played? It sounded brilliant, so we made it happen!

That’s right, nine lucky winner are going to win a Steam key to some of the greatest 4X games to come out in the last few years. And entering is easy. First, you have to be a member in our Steam forums. You can check that out HERE. Second, you have to post in the comments below that you would like to win one of these titles.

On September 5th 2017, we’ll draw nine names randomly which will be posted in a new post dedicated to the winners. Winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize by contacting us at, otherwise we’ll award the keys to the runner-ups until all keys are given away. Here’s our typical contest rules.

As usual, the contest participants must be eXplorminate members. How does one become a members? Easy! Join our eXplorminate Steam Group, follow us on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and/or Twitch. The eXplorminate staff is honored to have so many great members in our community, and this is just a small way for us to say thank you. Good luck to all those who enter!


  1. Noice
    din t even notice how quickly 3 years went
    i don t usually post but i been checking your website almost since you made it
    you game reviews gave me plenty of hours of fun in many 4x games and other games you recommended

    and off course winning endless legend or such an expensive game like dw would always be nice

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  2. Happy birthday. I have only been a listener for around 6months, but been loving every podcast. So much so, that i had to become a patron (thats a first for me).

    Already own endless legend and stellaris, but would love to get my hands on a Distant Worlds Universe copy. Been meaning to try that everytime you praise/mention it (which happens quite often), but always gets disuaded by the price tag.

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  3. Same as Andreas already own Endless Legend and Stellaris. Would give distant worlds a try, but even on sale at 50% off I think the price is too high.


  4. Congrats to the (eventual) winners and special congrats to Explorminate on your third birthday. I love the site and the forums and you guys do a great job. We should be sending YOU the gifts.

    (I’m not entering the contest because I have all three games already, but I just wanted to say thanks to all of you.)

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  5. I’ve been loving DW:U for a long time now, I’d love to try Stellaris :)

    Even if I don’t win a copy, you guys absolutely rock! Thanks for the podcasts, reviews, and giveaways, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3

    MatBailie on Steam

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  6. Happy third birthday!

    I can’t fault this trio of games given the ultimate accolade – especiailly as I already own all three of them :) So I’ll be cheering from the sidelines on this occasion, but for anybody that doesn’t have any of these games, get your name down pronto is my advice.

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  7. Seeing how I already own EL and Stellaris, I’d like to put my name in the hat for Distant Worlds. Thank you and congratulations on the 3rd birthday. I love listening to the podcast in my bed before falling asleep (though the outro music always rouses me back from sleep haha). Keep it up, folks.


  8. Happy Birthday!

    You guys have done some excellent work for the past three years. It is because of you that I even know that I am a 4X fan! Before I found this group I just knew that I really liked Civ V, which I only wound up owning because it came bundled with XCOM at Wal-Mart. A few months later, I was using Google to see if there were more games like Civ V when I came across your site and I have been in gaming heaven ever since!

    As a Linux gamer, I unfortunately can’t play every game that I read about on here, but lucky for me Stellaris is on Linux so, fingers crossed for that!

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  9. Aww, wish I’ve visited the site a bit earlier, not during the just-started vacation where the internet is rather… limited, to leave a more elaborate reply and wishes. Nevertheless, really glad i’m here to learn the great news of your birthday, and a third one!
    Thank you very much for everything you’re doing and wishing you all the best! Good health for you and your families. And, of course (my personal), Good Luck!
    Oh, and also to have an extra rest from time to time – be it sunny beaches or snowy peaks, tranquil lakes or never-sleeping cities, or whatever it is to your taste – for recuperation and inspirations =)
    Happy birthday!

    p.s. As for the list, I’ve got all-but-last-dlc EL, didn’t like Stellaris. And to my shame haven’t checked DW until/before this announcement. But that review linked above got me intrigued, so wouldn’t mind to give it a try.
    Have a nice day, week, month, year, here from the airport! o/

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  10. New guy here. I’ve played the occasional 4x game though Firaxis/Xcom/Civ are my gateway drugs into the genre. I’ve nosed through your reviews and Distant Worlds interests me the most. I know DW isn’t accessible to new players but I like to jump in the deep end. Also, it’s the most expensive. Stellaris and EL look cool too.

    Your podcasts are awesome. Classy community. Much love!

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