Oriental Empire Set To Launch!

Fans of historical 4X games and/or ancient China, rejoice! We’ve just received word from Iceberg Interactive that Oriental Empires will launch out of Early Access on September 14th.


The release version features a full multiplayer mode supporting 15 players in one campaign, a new scenario set in the Warring States era, trading cards, and official German, French, Polish and Russian language support, along with single player sandbox play.

To celebrate the release date announcement, Oriental Empires is currently on sale with 25% off in the Weeklong Deals on Steam.

Now this is a nice castle.

We at eXplorminate have been following the game for a long time and will provide updates and analysis as they come in. And, of course, we’ll be posting our review soon after the game is officially released, so be sure to check back with eXplorminate!

3 thoughts on “Oriental Empire Set To Launch!

  1. soooooo i played this game as beta tester and to be honest i I expected a normal strategy with chinese taste !!
    wow an impressive 4X game unconventional arises in front of me and i really loved to play it hours and hours . its a game that make you learn culture and the chinese art of war and you can only love it

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    1. When you say that city spam is out of control- what do you mean?

      Are you just saying that having lots of cities is strategically optimal?

      Or that the player can gain an advantage by spamming cities while the AI does not?

      Or something else?

      I don’t care if “tall versus wide” isn’t an issue, but if there’s a balance issue that affects whether the game is functional then I do care.



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