Join Nate and Troy as they bring you all the important information on all of your favorite 4X and strategy games! This week they talk about Endless Space 2, Ancient Cities, Ancient Frontier, Total War: Warhammer, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen and much much more. As well as continued coverage for your other favorite 4X and strategy games!

Music for eXplorminate by Mangadrive

Show Notes: Don’t think I need anything at all…


  1. right, the battle speed update in ES2 is a very important modification ! and not sufficiently discussed everywhere else.
    Nevertheless I ‘m a little bit worried about the focus made on the combat phase as it’s not so important as we just have to watch it.. (and I don’t need another way to be) But I’m worried becaue I think there is balanced work more important to cure primarily.


  2. thanks for the great show :)

    on the topic of ES2….i like the changes comming but i’m unsure what the combat changes will bring. as combat is already hard to understand, it won’t be better with more stuff if there isn’t a good manual for it around.

    i totally don’t understand how StarDrive2 can be in any top 5 list of 4x games.
    i couldn’t get into it and lost interest as i was disappointed.

    the decision for microtransaction for Middle-earth: Shadow of War is realy sad.
    just hope it’s only the greed of one developer/publisher.


    • stardrive2 in top5 ?! I did not understood that part. Sure ! I’m glad with you, I just stop stardrive as I was so boring to just run run run and lose from tons of IA ships alxays with more powerfull researches.. UNplayable for me.


  3. I’ll address both of your ES 2 comments in one post. The battle changes are going to be good. Really, really good. Yes, it will take some time to dial it in, but there are working on a LOT of different things to improve every aspect of battle. So far, that has been one of the biggest complaints from all communities. Unfortunately, I can’t say too much, but GDD’s are coming and as they do, we will be sure to cover them.

    Thanks for listening.


      • Heh, I am just re-stating their company line. Though I whole heartedly agree that combat needs work, a lot even, I think there are other equally pressing issues.

        As a full disclosure: I am a Amplitude Studios VIP (most people know this) and I am privy to all kinds of interesting info that is locked behind a NDA I signed. All I can say is that no one should give up or write-off Endless Space 2. As an example, look at how Endless Legend changed during the post-release cycle that last 2.5 years. Is it a perfect game? For me it nearly is. I expect ES 2 to grow and change (for the better) like EL did, but it won’t be overnight.

        Just my 0.02 cents.


  4. and right the away an bummer. got a message from the lummeris for trespassing with military ships….was a single leacher without weapons. i thought they fixed that trespassing diplomatic problems :(


  5. All I can say about Star Drive 2 is that I had a lot of fun with it upon release. They work done later actually killed the fun for me. I loved the large battles, I did not like the ground combat, but that was changed.

    The problem for me was I seemed to have fewer large battles, but that may have been due to me not remembering the type of maps I used.

    In any event, I hope that the many bugs will be corrected and then I can try it again and see.

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  6. I love city builders and ancient history. So ‘ancient cities’ would seem like a natural for me, right? But if it’s just a ‘sandbox’ game I’ll pass. I want my game to actually have a game to it, not just be a software toy.

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