Weekly eXchange #140 – Back From The Dead!

Join Nate and Troy as they bring you all the important information on all of your favorite 4X and strategy games! This week they talk about Lord of Rigel, Dominus Galaxia, Alliance of the Sacred Suns, Stellaris and much much more. As well as continued coverage for your other favorite 4X and strategy games!

Music for eXplorminate by Mangadrive

Show Notes: 

  1. Lord of Rigel Update – 01:54
  2. Dominus Galaxia Update – 06:00
  3. Eador: Imperium Update – 10:08
  4. Stellaris update – 13:04
  5. Paradox reverses price hikes, offers free games – 16:25
  6. Alliance of the Sacred Suns is not DEAD – 23:33
  7. Total War Saga series Update – 28:12
  8. Homeworld giveaway and history – 32:32
  9. Copyright Strike – 36:43
  10. Tone deaf article – 39:07

Games played – 46:36

  1. Children of the Galaxy
  2. World of Tanks Blitz Steam page
  3. Endless Space 2 Steam page


4 thoughts on “Weekly eXchange #140 – Back From The Dead!

  1. nice show as always, thank you.

    regarding ES2…i also can’t get into the flow playing as the Vodyani, and the cravers are also just not my playstyle.
    i liked my games as the empre and my game as the horation (even if i lost). just yesterday i finished a game as the unfallen. it was ok, but to the end i the twine network was strange, sometimes dissapearing or saying it’s not there.

    looking forward to my next game as the sophons.

    any news on update planes for ES2? if there is something in the making i’ll wait with my new game.



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