Thea 2 To Have Modding Tools And More


Work continues on the sequel to our 2015 Game of the Year, Thea 2! The latest update reveals new editing tools, giving modders the ability to:

  • Do your own scripting to add extra features
  • Reward and include all players in an event – setting challenges that can be faced by all player groups, giving rewards like resources, xp or research points to all players etc.
  • Save and store groups (so if you get robbed you can now actually reclaim the stuff or people who were taken, not substitutes as was with Thea: The Awakening)

Even better, MuHa Games promises these tools will be available with the launch of the game.


So many possibilities…

MuHa has also announced a number of additions to Thea 2. They are currently working on a three person co-op mode. The normal map size will increase from a maximum of 3.5k hexes to 20k hexes. That means that there will be more room on the map for action.

Meanwhile, there will be no upper limit to how many procedurally-generated factions can appear in the game. The pantheon is also changing. Some gods have been forgotten while new ones will appear. Of course, these may change during playtesting as the game is tuned, but at the moment, the sky… Er, earth is the limit.

What’s more, MuHa tells us that they are on schedule to have pre-alpha footage of Thea 2 ready for September, so that’s something to look forward to as well.


If you think you are a quest maker? Here you go!

One last thing, Thea 1 is out on the PS4 and XBOX One. So, go and get it.

In the meantime, check out this teaser video and keep checking in with eXplorminate for more news about this exciting, much-anticipated game.



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