Audible eXtension For Endless Space 2


Join Nate, Troy, Joshua, Oliver and Dallin as they discuss the Endless Space 2 review. We discuss what was left on the cutting-room floor and where this game is headed. Come and listen to what we think about Endless Space 2. It’s LONG!

Music for eXplorminate by Mangadrive

10 thoughts on “Audible eXtension For Endless Space 2

  1. omg…needed 4 hours at work to get through it :)
    great eXtension, i’m with you guys on so many points where ES2 has problems.

    unlike other developers, amplitude has still a high standing in my opinion.
    so i’m confident they’ll get the things right.

    i got one game complete and am now in the middle of my second game but i stopped as i just feel not to enjoy it any more.
    but no problem for me, i’m switching over to stellaris for some time.


      1. Are the sales of Endless Space 2 high enough to justify improving it though? Less than 130K according to SteamSpy. That is very poor for a big budget title.

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      2. Neil,

        I think you raise a good question which is hard to answer. What would Amplitude (and Sega) consider to be “good” sales for this title? The standard is way below Civ VI and probably Stellaris, as well, but I’m also fairly certain it’s above, say, Thea.

        The short answer is 1. It’s arguable that ES2 could be considered a disappointment OR a rollicking success depending on what the initial perspective of the companies was. 2. Amplitude has committed to supporting the title, has done so in the past (thus my faith), and I see no evidence (currently) for them abandoning ES2.


      3. I would imagine Endless Space 2 is much closer in budget to Stellaris than to Thea. Anyway, the most sensible comparison is surely Amplitudes previous games, against which Endless Space 2 has performed poorly indeed. Of course, we can’t know for sure, but I very much doubt SEGA/Amplitude are at all happy with the way Endless Space 2 is selling.


  2. Yea, it was a long show for sure, but I don’t feel like we covered to much of the same ground and/or topics and still felt like there was more we could say.

    Thanks of listening by the way.


    1. Yup. We’ve had access to ES 2 in it’s various stages since the start of the year. First as an EA title, and then as a review title. We got access to GC3: Crusade only a couple of days before release. We really do take our time with the games to make sure our reviews are factually correct and our understanding of the mechanics is solid. That’s just how we do things.


  3. Great Extension – I really like hearing what you feel works, what you feel still needs work, and what suggestions you have for Amplitude. I personally am waiting to purchase because I think a game should be pretty close to complete before everyone buys it (otherwise what is the incentive for the company to continue development?) I sure hope they know that there are interested fans who are eagerly looking forward to the patches.

    I hope they add modding to the game. I think some of these games could be great frameworks for the community to add to/refactor/re-imagine the game and subject matter. Would be especially nice if you could write modules for the AI to improve its play (if not overall at least for individual battles).


  4. Thanks for the comments all.

    I was just thinking that after having played the game quite a bit up to release, and a little bit immediately after launch, I haven’t really touched the game since.

    We talked about this in the podcast, and Troy touched on it in the main review, but right now I’m just not seeing (or feeling) the desire to replay it anymore in its current state. While the various factions start out mechanically working very different, by the mid and late game they end up feeling fairly similar and the actual strategies you need to employ in the game aren’t all that varied or different from one play through to the next.

    Part of this is certainly due to the current state of balance and AI challenge in the degree. Even on the harder difficulties, the game is just too easy and casual, and the choices that you are faced with aren’t all that exciting in terms of trade-offs or other things that would shape a unique play-through. Coupled with frustrations around the UI, political system, combat mechanics, and diplomatic interactions – I’m not too inclined to play it again until a major improvement / patch lands.

    This seems to be state of affairs for all of the current crop of space 4X games right now ;(

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