Audible eXtension For Sovereignty: Crown Of Kings

01 - Intro

Join Nate, Troy, Oliver and Ben as they discuss the Sovereignty: Crown of Kings review. We discuss what was left on the cutting-room floor and where this game is headed. Come and listen to what we think about Sovereignty!

Music by Mangadrive for eXplorminate

4 thoughts on “Audible eXtension For Sovereignty: Crown Of Kings

  1. too much voices :)
    otherwise a nice show!

    had this on my steam wishlist during EA but dropped it as i saw the feedback to the release.
    don’t know if it’s a correct phrase but i would say “the eye eats with” and Sovereignty doesn’t have enough for the eye.

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  2. Near the end of the show my room got rather noisy and I could have sworn I heard “Soverignty: Dong of Kings” at one point. First time I’ve ever had to rewind a podcast… the corrected conversation turned out to be equally amusing (I own all the Dominions series except for maybe 1).

    An enjoyable show all the way around, sounds like more rough UI edges (not graphics, which I can forgive, but information presentation) than I am willing to put up with these days. Over the years I have become less forgiving of poor interfaces, mainly because I have been spoiled by really good ones.

    Thanks guys!

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  3. The game Idea is neat and I have actually finished a few games now with different factions. The UI can use some improvements and the economy and improvement systems could be fleshed out more. I would like to have more basic resources like Iron food and wood etc. I would also like army upkeep and route of support so that you could cut of the support routes of armies as a way of fighting stacks of doom.

    The tactical battles are kind of fun and the unit diversity is good. The leveling of units is fun. But the combat AI could use improvements. Its not that stupid but after a while you learn how to handle it. For instance it tries to gather up its units before the fighting starts and avoid fights were they would loose but has a hard time evaluating were its better to just attack and die in order to make some damage at least. I played mostly the elf factions with the fantastic ranged units which were kind of imba. The game do need more balancing too.



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