When you hear someone say “I’m the Juggernaut…” I’m sure you immediately think of THAT X-MEN character. Well, not this time. Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation is about to release a free update dubbed version 2.3

This update will include:

  • New Juggernaut-class ships
  • A new fully voiced campaign chapter called “Genesis”
  • New maps
  • Adjustments to existing campaigns
  • Game balancing and more
The Substrate are on the warpath.

Here’s a little video depicting the action to come –

Brad Wardell, Stardock CEO, had this to say about the new ship class: “We’re really excited to introduce the Juggernauts. Fans of the game have been asking about them since we teased them several months ago, and we know these won’t disappoint [the fans]. These warships are pricey to build – you won’t see them in quick matches – but the cost is worth it. It takes some serious firepower to stop one of these guys once they hit the field.”

“How’s about a little payback for that ambush”

Furthermore, Juggernaut class ships do not cap at level 5 like Dreadnoughts. Juggernauts can level indefinitely and receive a 5% bonus to health and damage with every rank up. Version 2.3 comes with two of these massive warships, one for the PHC and one for the Substrate:

  • PHC – The Leonidas: A heavy anti-Dreadnought, this ship boasts the most powerful weapon ever mounted on a construct. It can tear Dreadnoughts apart while using its rail cannons and auto cannons for defense.
  • Substrate – The Nest of the Queen: This massive warship summons an entire army of frigates to overwhelm the enemy with rapidly-replacing assault and repair drones, all while under the safety of a shield regenerator.

Stardock realizes that their previous campaigns are unbalanced, so they are including a major rebalancing pass to make sure that the old campaigns align with the new content. This introduces new units to older campaigns as well as changes to campaign progression.

Something really harsh happened here.

Ashes of the Singularity is looking better and better with each update and we’re excited to see where the game will go from here.


  1. Can someone fill me in on what the upsides of Ashes are compared with SupCom FA ? I get that technically Ashes is superior in any way, but simply in terms of gameplay I fail to see what it brings to the table that SupCom did not do more of 10 years ago : land, air and sea units (Ashes only has land maps), stealth & radar mechanics, customizable commanders and experimentals, four factions.
    I have a soft spot for Stardock but have not yet seen a compelling reason to pull the trigger on Ashes, whereas I still fire up SupCom from time to time.

    Would love to hear your perspective !
    cheers and keep up the good work


  2. Better graphics and better use of multicore system YES, but sadly far worse performance than other games mentioned and crazy spec requirements that aren’t explained by how the game looks by any means.

    Also if Ashes had EVERYTHING that SupCom had AND better graphics and multicore usage I’d be all up for it and aboard the hype train. Sadly Ashes trades those two things for tenfold dumbed down gameplay and lowered complexity of the game. I’ve never seen more shallow RTS in my entire life. Even old Command and Conquers have more complexity than this thing…

    It’s like they took their Sins of a Solar Empire (great game btw.) and said “let’s make ground-based game out of it and simplify it for 2 year olds to play”.



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