Audible eXtension for Stellaris: Utopia

Join Nate, Troy, Mark and Joshua as they discuss the Stellaris: Utopia review. We discuss what was left on the cutting-room floor and where this game is headed. Come and listen to what we think about Stellaris: Utopia!

Music by Mangadrive for eXplorminate

18 thoughts on “Audible eXtension for Stellaris: Utopia

  1. I’m definitely more of a “ruleplayer” than a roleplayer when it comes to 4X, but I’m still interested in doing the latter. I just don’t know how! I’ve watched a few Let’s Plays by other people (including Mark’s), but they were all about working the game mechanics too, as opposed to building a narrative.


  2. Truth is that a Let’s Play delivered completely in a role playing narrative is something I have been mulling over. It would end up more as a AAR (after action report) in a video format than a let’s play.

    The biggest hurdle is that each episode would have to be written out and preformed over a series a clips.
    Just very time consuming.

    Maybe a single episode demo to gauge interest?

    Hmmmm *scratches chin*

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  3. Excellent discussion! At this point I’ve put many (many!) hours into Stellaris, and I completely agree with most of your analysis and comments on the game (both the praise and criticisms). There’s a lot I love about this game, but the longer I play Stellaris the one thing I am finding I dislike more and more is the randomized tech tree. It turns some games into an unnecessarily long and uninteresting slog. (For example, waiting 100’s of years for a necessary tech to build megastructures, or jump drive, or something essential to further your empire in general)

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    1. Totally agreed on the research. I was ok with the idea initially, but over time I’ve learned to dislike it. Some of it has to do with the techs themselves, 10% to this and that just isn’t all that exciting. But some of it definitely has to do with the delivery of those techs, the way the randomness scuttles any advance planning needs to be balanced by… something and right now even the special purple techs are underwhelming.

      I’m glad that Stellaris doesn’t have just another tech tree — I’m not desperately in love with what Endless Space 2 did, either. But I’ve come to the conclusion that the current system is broken and I’m hoping Paradox does something to overhaul it.


  4. Most podcasts I listen to have three to four participants. Every thought about making Mark and/or Joshua regulars for your weekly format?


  5. I’d like to see espionage in a purely storytelling format. Sort of like the way the Enigmatic Fortress works. You could send your spy out, after some time the spy discovers something, and it sets off a long event chain with multiple pathways and some sort of outcome at the end.This could tie into a story/quest content patch.

    The problem with typical 4x espionage is that if you include a “steal technology” option, it’s almost always the way to go. But if we were to be able to follow the goings on of a specific operative, we could be in his shoes, making his decisions and generating an outcome that is far more dynamic than stealing technology every X turns.


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