The Unfallen Arise!


Why don’t you make like a tree… And go to space!

With the launch of Endless Space 2 fast approaching, Amplitude Studios announced the final race for their new space 4X game: The Unfallen!

Endless Space 2 - Unfallen Guardians

Say hello to a friendly forest dweller… Or six.

While the exact details of how the race will work haven’t been officially announced, we do know that The Unfallen are a race of sentient trees who will slowly expand into the stars in search of peace. This makes them very different than the other, more bloodthirsty races in ES2 and should provide a pretty unique experience.

Endless Space 2 - Unfallen Quest

We know how it feels…

But while we’re happy to have another interesting option in ES2, that’s not the real reason we’re so excited about the Unfallen. This last addition to the game is one suggested by the community. Specifically, it was first introduced by none other than our very own Rob “Devildog” Honaker! Of course, no project this large can be the effort of just one person, so we also have to congratulate Koradji, who created the backstory for the Unfallen, and Digitalhawk96, who is responsible for their unique look.

Endless Space 2 - Unfallen Spaceship

The Unfallen are preparing for a friendly visit.

So congrats to Rob and team for having their idea brought to life. We can’t wait to give the Unfallen a go when the game launches on May 19. You’ll be sure to see more coverage of Endless Space 2 soon enough, so be sure to check back!

Endless Space 2 - The Academy

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  1. Where did you guys get the awesome artwork? Haven’t seen the ‘Unfallen lab’ or that image of the Academy before. :)

    Congrats Devildog! I’m excited to play the Unfallen.



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