We’ve all been wondering when Stardock was going to release their big expansion for Galactic Civilizations III, and the wait is finally over! Crusade launches on May 4, 2017 and promises to overhaul many of the mechanics in the game while also adding quite a few features that players have requested since GalCiv3 released in 2015.

May is going to be a busy month in the 4X world!


With Crusade, players can create their own faction with the new Civilization Builder, and the choices you make will determine everything from how you interact with the other races in the game, to which ships you start with on the first turn. Meanwhile, the new Galactic Citizens mechanic allows players to choose how to use their civilization’s leaders. Will you leave them in the capitol to apply a small bonus to the entire empire? Or assign them to a planet for a huge boost with a limited scope?

Crusade is also bringing more new features to the world of Galactic Civilizations III:

  • Interactive planetary invasions
  • Espionage
  • Custom ship fleets
  • Improved diplomacy
  • An updated graphics engine
“I spy with my little eye…”

There are a lot of possibilities with Crusade, and we are excited to explore them along with you. A review is forthcoming. Let us know what you think in the comments below or on the Explorminate forums.


  1. This is looking great. I loved Galciv 2, but Galciv 3 never really clicked with me. I’ve enjoyed a few games, but never even finished one. The substantial changes that Crusade brings are looking really good though. The new citizen system looks very interesting. Quite the gamechager I think. The civ builder looks great too. Then there’s planetary invasions, a new spying system and better diplomacy. All things that needed improvement. Have to try it first but I think this could be a real winner!


  2. I concur with LordTheRon. Up to this point, I prefered Stellaris to GalCiv 3 overall. But Stellaris isn’t perfect (the victory conditions in particular are terrible), and with the features coming in Crusade, this could be GalCiv 3’s chance to pull ahead!


    • They addressed that a patch or two ago, actually. You need Administrators for starbases now, so you can’t just spam them everywhere anymore.



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