Stardock Spring News!


It’s springtime, and the snow is finally melting (for some of us). Flowers are blooming and developers are coming out of hibernation to show off their newest game, or games in some instances. Stardock is no different – in the last week alone, they have revealed updates for a whole season’s worth of games.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion


The real-time space 4x got a free update for its 5th anniversary. It includes a digital remaster that improves the graphics and upgrades the UI to allow the game to function at 4k resolution. But with increased graphical settings, one must wonder if slowdowns and crashes will increase. Fear not! RAM utilization was also optimized and increased. This should improve overall performance for the game and for those using mods. The Sins A.I. will also receive a boost.


Ashes of the Singularity


The 2.2 release for AotS will bring modding support as well as a replay system. The folks at Stardock are also updating the UI to help make the game flow better and are making choices feel more pronounced and transparent.


The team is also promising to rebalance the units, which should help long range artillery be better at dodging medium and short range fire. Additionally, the update will improve the frigate and scout units as well as the other units. Basically every unit on both sides is being adjusted.

Offworld Trading Company


The runaway economic hit will be getting its first full expansion: Jupiter’s Forge! The new content will take budding corporations to the far more dangerous, and potentially lucrative, Jovian moon of Io. The expansion will also add new resources, factions, buildings, map events, and more. Right now, Stardock is saying we should expect the expansion in late spring which is not far off at all. There’s already an official announcement trailer and you can add it to your wishlist on Steam, as well.


Galactic Civilization III


Crusade is due to arrive soon but in the meantime, here’s another Dev Journal to whet your appetite for the expansion: the conquest journal. You know how in most 4X games you don’t really get any options as far as planetary invasions and defense? Well, that is being remedied with the Crusade release.


Now you can train whole legions of planetary defenders, and I am not talking about everyday citizen militia members either. No, this is about trained armies that are garrisoned to fend off invading… Invaders. But that’s not all. You can’t get boots on the ground on turn one because you have to train the new legion. Then you have to build the transport to get them to their destination. Then you’re on to a more conventional assault on your neighbor’s juicy colony.

But that’s just the beginning. First, you’ll have to clear the planetary orbit so you could land your troops, and then, then… It’s different again. You get to choose where your invading forces land and then watch as they bee-line to a city center to conquer it, destroying unguarded improvements along the way. The defending force will place their legions as well, and a ground war will begin if they occupy the same hex.

There are citizens that give boosts to either side, as well as what appear to be tech-locked battle tactics. Clearly, ground invasions are all new in Galactic Civilizations III: Crusade. We are really excited for this one, so you can expect continuing coverage in the future.


Whew! That’s a bunch of stuff to keep you indoors and happy while the northern hemisphere goes through its annual melting process. There’s lots more to come from Stardock, naturally, and we’ll be here to report it as it happens!

7 thoughts on “Stardock Spring News!

  1. I have to say, I’m looking forward to try GalCiv III Crusade. Many of the changes Brad showed look and sound promising to improve the game massiv to the better.


  2. There is a Humble Bundle that include a few Stardock games.

    Tier 0 – free
    Galactic Civilizations I

    Tier 1 – $1
    Space Hulk Ascension
    Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity
    Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition

    Tier 2 – BTA $7.39
    Planetary Annihilation: TITANS
    Rebel Galaxy

    Tier 3 – $15
    Galactic Civilizations® III
    Offworld Trading Company



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