Strategic eXpanse #30 – The Martin Anward Interview.

Join Nate and Mark as they speak with Martin Anward, the Game Director for Stellaris, about all things Stellaris which includes: the Banks Update (1.5), Utopia, the future of Stellaris and much much more!

Music for eXplorminate by Mangadrive

Show Notes:

Disclaimer: This was the first time that Nate recorded a podcast on his own. Due to a rookie mistake, he did not mute himself properly, and the program (Bandicam) he used to record the podcast picked up some typing and breathing. We apologize for that, and we’ll do better next time.


11 thoughts on “Strategic eXpanse #30 – The Martin Anward Interview.

    1. I know. I did mute myself actually, but in Skype. I forgot that bandicam needs a separate mute too. I’m also not a morbidly obese Buffalo, but because the mic was turned up, it sounds like I was huffing and puffing on the verge of death…

      Troy and I discuss it on the 125th WeX.

      Sorry for that. I was so excited to land this interview and so nervous because it was my first time doing it alone in 2.5+ years. I can’t even begin to convey how mad I am at my rookie mistake. All I can say is that I have learned my lesson.

      This was such a great interview.


  1. This was really nice. Great job guys for making this happen.

    Some of the things Martin said make me believe Stellaris has a great future ahead of it. Some form of “localized” war with shifting front lines and such would be fantastic. I really hope they go places with that idea.

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  2. Really enjoyed the interview. Nice to get more insight in how Paradox works and the thinking behind changes they make to the game.

    I’m “somewhat” looking forward to play with the Utopia expansion…

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  3. I’ll start by apologizing for not having listened to the ..podcast?.. but I’m on a capped internet plan and anyway, I much prefer reading to listening.

    Stellaris created quite a few ripples in the 4X & Grand Strategy market and, personally, it was quite refreshing to see.
    I especially like that they not only allow mods but designed the game with those in mind.
    That and that alone will see this game enjoyed for quite some time.
    Their history of continued support also cement the game further in peoples minds.

    With the praise out of the way, I can now point out a few of the flaws I see with the game as it “currently” stands.
    Sectors were flawed from the beginning and will most likely continue to hold the game back sadly.
    I think that capping happiness to habitability is a mistake.
    War score and war “fatigue” feels like unnecessary restrictions.

    And the one with the biggest impact for my play-throughs is that…
    You either befriend/ally with everyone or go to war with everyone.
    You either conform to other civs needs or play your own way.
    You either micro-manage your populations happiness and needs or enslave and exterminate dissidents.
    This duality ties into each-other and forces you to play as good or evil respectively.
    There is much ado about choice and customization but it ultimately forces your game down a certain path.
    I can see the need for your choices having consequences but they feel very heavy-handed in Stellaris.

    Still a good game in the end and will have its place in history.
    I only criticise it because I like it and have hopes for its future. ,)



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