Weekly eXchange #124 – The Investigation!

Join Nate and Troy as they bring you all the important information on all of your favorite 4X and strategy games! This week they talk about Endless Space 2, Stellaris Utopia, Galactic Civilization 3: Crusade, Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars, GalaCollider, Stars in Shadow, M.O.R.E., Children of the Galaxy and much much more. As well as continued coverage for your other favorite 4X and strategy games!

Music for eXplorminate by Mangadrive

Show Notes:

5 thoughts on “Weekly eXchange #124 – The Investigation!

  1. Huh, Utopia is coming out on April 6th. It was announced a few weeks ago.

    Re: music in 4X, I tend to play with the music on for a while until, yes, it gets repetitive, and then I usually turn the music off and play a playlist in foobar2000 tailored for 4X gaming. If I liked the game’s music I will move the tracks into that playlist so they’ll be mixed in. I wonder if anyone else does this?


  2. Completely agree on romance of total war , no other viable age remains and they said it want be sequel, all other are either already been done or don’t fit in total war game,I don’t think they will do ww2 or 1 they wouldn’t fit in total war mechanics


  3. good show again, thanks.

    i’m kind of dissapointed about the m.o.r.e. update.
    was realy interested as i saw it in the showlist but then just the info that pre-order stops soon.
    i hope they come up with more info soon.

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