“We’ve had enough. The Drengin and Yor will pay. We’ve amassed a massive fleet. Our people are ready for whatever will come. We have allies to rescue. We have vengeance to exact. We are not afraid. It is time to start our Crusade…”

-Admiral Nasarog

Just over a month ago, Stardock officially announced a full expansion for Galactic Civilizations III called Crusade. We promised more coverage, and here we are with additional screenshots and details. Check them out!

“What’s there to do around here? I’m new.”

At the start of every great crusade, one must first create a plan of attack as well as a path for expansion. The Galactic Civilizations series has always been big on scale. Get it? Crusade will be no different. Let’s looks at what we’ve learned so far.

“So many choices…”

Crusade brings a new economic system based on citizens who are raised from your population every ten turns. Each one can be specialized to be scientists, engineers, diplomats, spies, commanders, generals and more, but that all depends on the technology you have. Each role brings its own special abilities to your civilization. You can keep them at home for empire wide bonuses or send them out to trouble spots to help improve the situation. Doing so will also help them gain experience. Or maybe you will want to retire your citizens to speed up construction instead. How will you utilize your citizens to execute the perfect strategy?

“So much better than before.”

Remember the administrators? You know, the ones that help manage starbase spam and improve them at the same time? Well, in Crusade, they are also used to create a colonization ship, too. Seriously, how can you have a new colony without an administrator to help run the bureaucracy? That’s another use for citizens by the way: replenishing your administrators. That’s a lot of hard decisions that will need to be made.

One example of citizen specialization has to do with espionage, as in, Spies and Saboteurs. Your newly minted spy can stay safe at home and engage in counter espionage. This same spy can also infiltrate alien civilizations and suss out information about their empire. Finally, this spy can be a saboteur or an assassin and do all kinds of no-good things to their host. Spies play a crucial role in your empire’s well-being. So, what will you do with your space James Bond?

“We’re going to builder you better, faster, and stronger than ever…”

The newly improved Civilization Builder lets you create the perfect civilization for every occasion. You can create your own custom fleets from the newly-added pieces to the shipbuilder or download premade fleets from the Steam Workshop or even share your own. In a typical 4X title, the custom civ will have a few options, but in Crusade, you will also be able to add custom dialogue responses. What kind of personality will you assign to the race? Will you specialize in diplomacy or do you prefer warfare and total domination?

“Looks fast!”

Players can create their own stories every time they play. With all of these new tools, one can’t help but be excited. The new campaign is just one of the infinite possibilities for Earth’s future in the 23rd century – but who will you be?

“Hmmm, now what should we pick?”

And that’s it for now! It looks like Crusade is fairly close to release, so stay tuned for future coverage and more.



  1. nice article, thanks.

    GalCiv3: Crusade looks more and more like i need to place it back on my whishlist.
    looking forward to what the final expansion looks like and what the reviews say.


  2. Wiping drool off my keyboard…. :D

    Is there any way to expand those screenshots? Even on my big monitor they’re tantalizingly unreadable.



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