Thea 2 – The Story So Far…


Time is always moving forward. Whether it’s plodding slowly, or flying by quickly really depends on the situation you happen to find yourself in. That’s what “Baba” always told me.

The world of Thea is no different. In our Thea 2: The Shattering reveal, we found out that all is not well in Thea. The Long Night, otherwise known as the Century of Darkness, is over. The sun has returned and the various Gods have come back to see what is left of their faithful, rebuild their flock, and return to greatness. Or so we thought.


Now where should we settle?

Two centuries have passed since the events depicted in Thea: the Awakening, and another calamity has befallen the survivors. It’s called “The Shattering”, and it results in the breaking of the world. What friendships were formed might no longer stand. That is what you are trying to do this time around – rebuild old alliances while figuring out what happened and how you should fix it.

The original game had three possible endings, but as a player you weren’t exactly sure how things “canonically” turned out. So, in Thea 2, you will follow some new quest lines in an attempt to figure out exactly what happened after the end of Thea 1 and what led the world to its current state. Was the Cosmic Tree restored and the pantheon along with it? Did the darkness linger because you sided with the night races? How about the giants? Have they really been restored to their slumber? What has this Shattering unearthed?


Friend or Foe?

In Thea 1, your god was only strong enough to maintain a single village. You could have multiple encampments, but only one safe zone where a village could prosper… If you can call surviving prospering. A new mechanic introduced in Thea 2 is the introduction of multiple settlements.


Foe or Friend?

During your exploration of the new landscape, you will find new biomes occupied by the surviving races and maybe even some new ones. Orcs, Goblins, Dwarves, Elves, as well as many creatures of the night are back. What will you do? Renew your old friendships or declare war?


The night is dark and full of terrors.

Another consideration will be where you settle your people. These new settlements will need resources, which are also linked to the updated biomes. We have seen this gameplay before in games like Eador: Master of the Broken World and Warlock 2, but that doesn’t mean that MuHa Games can’t add their own Slavic-inspired twist and really make it a unique experience. I think that the various gods will play a crucial role here because of their unique characteristics.

The exploration phase is also about to get a real shot in the arm with Thea 2. Typically, you are done exploring by mid-game as the world is settled, but the randomization and event system in Thea 2 is sure to shake things up. How the various islands and their biomes will affect your gameplay is still a work in progress, so, feedback will be crucial to how it all plays out.


Dressed for the occasion!

We’ll discuss research, politics, war and the other typical 4X-fare in future installments of this series. In the meantime, MuHa Games is considering a Kickstarter for Thea 2: The Shattering, and here are a few questions that would help them:

  1. What rewards/tiers would you like to see in a Thea 2 Kickstarter? Do you enjoy rewards that allow you to make input into the game – ie, quest ideas, creature design? Or do you prefer things that put you onto the game – your name, a portrait. Or would you be interested in artbooks/lore books?
  1. What kinds of stretch goals would you like to see? Now these are obviously more complicated and rely heavily on MuHa’s resources and capabilities, but that being said, what type of stretch goals would motivate you to help push toward a stretch goal?
  1. What would you expect to see in the campaign? MuHa’s philosophy is that a Kickstarter has to come early enough in game development for the team to be able to truly utilize the funds without having to push the development cycle and release dates too much (they’re a very stubborn lot in that regard). But what materials do you think Thea 2 should have ready for a campaign?

That’s it for now folks. If you have any questions, please share them in the comments and stay tuned for additional and continuing coverage for Thea 2: the Shattering.

Part 1


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  1. looks good so far.
    about the questions…
    to 1. i would prefer “things you put onto a game” like names and portraits….let the developer make the creative stuff.

    to 2. content. no digital art book or seperate soundtrack or so. the content is different for any game.
    in thea2 it could be more portraits or maybe spoken dialogs or more different equipment.

    to 3. this also is different for any game. from a shooter i would expect ingame footage to get an idea of how it will be. for thea….don’t know….maybe ingame screenshots like the ones in this article.
    for thea i would more rely on the things they write down. what they plan to do, how game mechanics should work, stuff like that. things you can’t realy show early with just a few screenshots or short videos.

    well, that is at least just my honest opinion.
    good luck to MuHa Games, looking forward to more news about Thea 2.


  2. 1. I would love some lore books. Maybe telling some ancient stories about Thea, o simply explaining some stuff about races and demons. Names and portraits sound good too, another idea is create or name some “unique” item.

    2. Separate soundtrack would be a good thing, more gods would be better. But what I would love to see is more variety of materials and recipes (more kinds of weapons and armor specifically).

    3. I think what they have showed us so far is more than enough to start the campaign. A little more information (and screenshots) about biomes, settlements and resources would be good, specially how one thing can affect the others.

    I’m not very good with english… there are some more ideas in my mind, but I can’t find the right words to express them.

    I hope to see the Kickstarter soon.


  3. What i want for Thea 2 is what the devs are promising : Multiple settlements and an ever better Thea game.
    And a separated mp3 soundtrack, so i’ll be able to listent it in my car :)

    For the 1st time, maybe i’ll participate to a Kickstarter campaign …


  4. 1) Alpha/beta access, additional goodies like small collectibles, ability to have a bit of a say in helping to create side-quests/encounters, in-game portrait/NPC that would resemble the backer or get their name in as a minor … something.

    2) MORE ARTWORK! So far it is lovely. The old artwork paperdolls for your villagers were very nice, but the ones we’ve had a chance to see are MUCH BETTER! Apart from that, more events, additional DLC for free (Like return of Giants), better voice-acting (at least 1 guy and 1 girl) and modability.

    3) New features showcase, new artwork showcase, new and exciting things, card-game overhaul…


  5. I trust MuHa.

    I liked the existing art. I don’t care about color and so on. Given the choice between color and 3D effects and so on, versus just plain more sketch art, I would choose the sketch art.

    I don’t care about voices. I disabled them in Thea.

    I want to see my name remain as one of the random character names. :-)

    Assuming I get the basic idea of what’s coming, I want to see trade and transportation as a game mechanic.

    I think what is being described is something like this- Thea, but if you want to set down a new village on a useful resource point you can do so. But what if your crafters are all in your central village, which also has the best food? You pacify the area and set up someone who’s job it is to transport food one way and steel ore the other.

    Or something along those lines. There are lots of interesting ways that could be done.

    I’m imagining that a particular shard of land has a danger level that you can reduce with adventuring. And once it’s reasonably safe the civilians can move in and function with only moderate defenses (as opposed to the core party of badasses). So maybe a particular remote village in a reasonably safe area just needs a tower, a good wall, and three well armed gatherers, and transportation can be handled by a strong villager and his two pet hounds.

    That way in the late game you still have low level challenges, they just take place in (partially) secured territory. Meanwhile your doom stack of leveled warriors with powerful gear and witches and elves and ghosts is facing down a shard full of mithril and dragons. And every so often they check in with civilized lands to drop off loot, and to maybe pick up a warrior who used to be a cart guy until he got ambushed by goblins and survived and leveled up, and now he’s joining the ranks of heroes and being replaced by a newly grown villager.

    There are loads of ways this could be fun. But for whatever reason I’ve always enjoyed supply line play. And I haven’t seen good supply line play since Colonization, where it was unfortunately hampered by a lousy late game and win condition.


    • “My name” being Cadfan. I used Patrick on this site until I connected my steam account to the explorminate group. And occasionally I still end up auto filling the name field with Patrick. My bad.


  6. Rejoice Thea2 .. making multiple settlements adding more resources, buildings, recepies, items .. everything while adding rival clans would make me play this game more.
    As stated before me .. i would fully trust developer to take this game where its ment. As now, game is quite unique ..


  7. What I would like for the KS campaing:

    1- Soundtrack/artbooks/lore books could work. Multiple copies (good for coop), combo tier (Thea & Thea 2).
    2- Extra quests, extra artworks, extra portraits, extra gods, extra items, KS exclusive (cosmetic is fine)
    3- More screenshots/in-game clip, videos explaining what you’re planning for Thea 2, a video explaining the combat/challenge system, a video explaining the ressources/crafting system, etc.

    What I would like to have in Thea 2 :

    1- More consequences when characters are elimated from any challenge. In Thea, only “fight” had consequence (risk of dying), other challenges were harmless. It could be interresting if when a character is eliminated of a challenge, he/she gets debuff or something (sickness challenge = getting sick, physical challenge = getting non-lethal injuries, Hex challenge = being curse, etc.)
    2- More control during the challenges, it would be less frustrating and more strategic to know in advance witch side “cards” will attack. Maybe right-handed caracters could always attack to their right and left-handed to their left.
    3- A way to see the caracter’s stats challenge as card not only numbers. I know Thea had a stat filtering system but seeing the cards directly is so much more easy.
    4- A less micro-managing crafting system. Having to add all the ingredients manually become boring rapidly. It could be as simple as when you discover a new recipe, an icon is created and when you click on it, it will fill all the ingredients automatically.
    5- A way to create diffente sort of food (for the bonuses), without having to queue them manually. It could be an option “making all food” and the crafter will make all the recipes that you have discovered in rotation.
    6- When crafting, having different catalysts should have different effects. (ex wood = no bonus vs coal = better stats or higher % of getting better stats)

    Ps Sorry for my english.


  8. Question #1 (KS Reward Tiers):

    -Get your name (or an appropriate name you choose) into the game for a character.
    -Get your name (or an appropriate name you choose) into the game for a village.
    -Work with the devs to Design the Appearance of a Character/Monster
    -Work with the devs to Design an Event (like a holiday or whatever).
    -Work with the devs to Design a Quest
    -Work with the devs to Design a Villain
    -Work with the devs to Design a Building
    -Work with the devs to Design a Deity
    -Work with the devs to Design an Entire Race

    Question #2 (Stretch Goals):

    -Additional Modes of Play such as: Start with 3 cities, Super-Hard Mode, First Tier of all Resources Researched Mode, etc.
    -Additional resources
    -Additional Deities
    -The ability to start as a race other than human

    Question 3 (Expectations):

    -Design Vision
    -Screenshots of Terrain


  9. Actually, one other suggestion.

    It would be nice to have a viewer in which you could see how a given character or set of characters appear in a chosen type of challenge.

    For example, you might select “display character cards as appearing in a hex challenge” and you’d see… exactly what you would normally see in a hex challenge.

    I think this would be very helpful for understanding your characters actual strengths and weaknesses.

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  10. 2. I would love for stretch goals to be things playable races/monsters. In Thea 1, random characters(Baba Yaga, warewolf, dwarfs/orcs) you found early had a much bigger effect on the game than gods/choices in the main quests. So I would like to see more of that. Perhaps starting with a goblin or elf village instead of a human one(that has it’s own ups and downs). More unique characters from each god would also be fantastic,



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