36 thoughts on “Best Friend Forever Giveaway Results!

  1. This is a question of clarification, only because I am unsure which were selected: by “post starters”, do you mean the first to have commented on the original post? Congratulations to the winners.


  2. Everyone’s a winner if you entered XD. So make sure you AND your friend email the good folks at exploreminate to claim your reward. It’s first come first serve =)

    Also friend Nasarog on steam if you haven’t already, but why haven’t you already? Xp

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  3. I won a Thea key!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter. It’s cool that you guys post contests a lot for people to enter. Lots of gaming fun to be had by all. This is the first thing I’ve won in a very long time and I’m thrilled to be picked. :)

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  4. Congratulations to everyone, win or not. Glad there are a lot of winners! Regardless, it was a Very interesting idea for a contest. It also kind of showed the closeness of the eXplorminate group as a whole—outside of the forums. Great job guys!

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  5. Congrats to everyone and many thanks to eXplorminate & the team for creating such a great event and keep up the great work. I depend on you guys because this is the only site i use to stay up-to-date with whats going on with 4x games. Again many thanks for what you guys do for the 4x community it wouldn’t be the same without eXplorminate!

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  6. I didn’t enter as such, just posted a snarky comment. So no win, but that’s okay! More power to the rest of you, enjoy it everyone. And good show for the giveaway Explorminate.

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      1. Done and done, and I got myself a copy of Stars in Shadow out of it. I haven’t played it yet, but I’ve been following that game for some time and it was on my Steam wishlist, so clearly I’m quite pleased about this!

        Incidentally, the artist for SiS is also doing a space opera webcomic (Outsider), though sadly that seems to have fallen by the wayside.

        So thanks again for the initiative, Explorminate.

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  7. This was a nice contest. Not because I won something (although that is very delightful ;) ), but the entries were very enjoyable or even funny to read.

    I wish many great hours of strategy gaming to everyone. May your carefully laid out plans work out in practice for a change.

    Ancient China better beware… I’ll be visiting soon!

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  8. Woo!! The creepy guy who lives in my mirror can now enjoy playing NuMoO until the cows come home! Assuming that mirror dimension has cows… Come to think of it, I have never seen a cow in any mirror. Odd.

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  9. I would like to thank all the good people of Explorminate for the fine prize awarded me of a Dawn of Andromeda key – and expecially my friend Mr. Kill who was kind enough to nominate me – I owe him for that one.

    I’m Spartacus

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  10. Received Thea Game of the Year (yeah yeah I am way behind the times)! Thank you eXplorminate but even more than the give away – thank you for all the great reviews, previews, and extensions! That is the true gift, reviews by gamers for games.

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  11. Regardless of whether or not I get anything out of it, it was a fun “contest”. Hats off to the eXplorminate folks once again!

    Now all I have to do is teach my Artificial Friend to *play* these games instead of just spamming social media telling the world what a great guy I am. Maybe both?

    Nate, I will look for you on steam this evening. I’ll be wearing a red t-shirt, looking slightly harried, and carrying a personal plasma cannon with the spear-gun and grilled cheese sandwich attachments.

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  12. Oriental Empires for me! Do I have to learn Mandarin? Here’s hoping for a good tutorial, anything I can’t throw fireballs at is going to confuse me.

    Thanks again to the eXplorminate gang!

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  13. Wow, nice… I got a copy of GC3. But I am still not convinced that Nate ain’t mad. Anyway… I love your guys. Keep up the good work – especially on those damn Reviews. It’s good to have a reliable source of quality and long reviews that you can trust.


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