Best Friend Forever Giveaway


Valentine’s Day 2017 is almost upon us, at least in the US. Most people dread this “holiday” and the stress that comes along with spending a lot of money on frivolous things for your significant other that might go unappreciated. We’d like to change that.

Now, we are not saying that your significant others aren’t important. Oh yes, they are very, very important. But we are gamers here and some of us might not be so lucky as to have significant others that share our hobby. So, let’s show some love to our gaming friends instead!


What do you need to do to participate in this giveaway? You must be an eXplorminate group member. Your friends must be too. Why? Because you are going to nominate your friend for the giveaway and tell us why they should win it!

Please keep your entries to 150 words or less and make sure to include the reason why your BFF should win a game. This can be funny, or sad, or completely bonkers. It’s all good. Of course, you can have your friend nominate you. It doesn’t matter to us but you both have to be subscribed to eXplorminate on Steam.


This is important! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and/or Twitch. The more of these that you are subscribed to, the greater your odds of winning. The more we know you love us, the more we will love you back. What can we say? We all just want to be loved. Just list the places you follow us in the comments and the handles you use there.


Here’s what a sample entry might look like:

Hello, my name is John. I follow you on Steam, Twitter and YouTube, but Facebook and Twitch are dumb. My handles are – Johntheman on Steam, Here’sJohny on Twitter and YouTube. I Nominate my friend Alan, and his handle is TheWizard on Steam.  He and I have been gaming together for 15 years, and he invented Leroy Jenkins before there was a Lerooooy Jenkins.

The above is an example of how the process works. Doing so gives you three entries and your friend gets one. If they respond in kind, they will get more entries and you will too.


Games up for grabs:

Age of Wonders III

Endless Legend

Endless Space 2

Planar Conquest

Thea: The Awakening

Oriental Empires

Dawn Of Andromeda

Stars In Shadow

Galactic Civilizations III

Sorcerer King: Rivals

Master Of Orion: Conquer The Stars

And more…


So, start nominating your friend(s) and tell us why you think they should get the prize. Winners will be picked on 2/14 at 8pm EST. As usual, the lucky eXplorminate members will have 2 days to claim their prizes before the runner-ups get a chance. Just contact us at to claim your prize.


Go, go, go, and good luck!

39 thoughts on “Best Friend Forever Giveaway

  1. If I win a game I will defend all members of Explorminate from POTUS. Or he may hang all of us upside down and crucify us. Who knows what he will do next?

    Please impeach him and put Martin Sheen in his place – not only was he a better POTUS – he was also a much better actor – on the screen and in real life.

    Just a JAFO from Canada ( reference Blue Thunder )

    I’m Spartacus

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  2. i’ll pass on this….none of my friends are too deep into 4x unfortunately.
    and since i already own SiS, DoA, Thea, AoW3 and Endless Legend it’s just too much hassle to talk someone into it just for hopefully win Endless Space2 :)

    good luck everybody.

    and BOOO valentine’s day, it’s just a fake from the flower and greeting cards industry :P

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  3. Hi, name’s Emiliano, and I spend far too many hours working with computer. I follow you on Facebook (Emiliano), Twitter (@EiR_TD), Youtube (Empires in Ruins), I seriously have no time to figure out how Twitch works even though I tried. I nominate my friend Julius, on steam as HennessyTranny (?!?). Even though he tempts me endlessly with playing strategy games when I have no time, he’s a glorious bastard that deserves some rewards. Moreover we got drunk countless times together. Hyva Julle!

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  4. Do artificial friends count?

    module SilasFriend
    while(SilasOfBorg.winnings = 0)
    socialMedia.getAllTypes().spam(“I nominate my friend SilasOfBorg, who is a real hoopy frood who knows where his towl is! eXplorminate rules! Also, I am a real person!”)


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  5. Hello, my name is Mythox I follow you on Steam, with Myth0x Twitter Myth0x and YouTube, Mythox Vortex and Facebook Ziki Mythox and Twitch Baalrok . I Nominate my friend Emiliano, facebook (Emiliano), Twitter (@EiR_TD), Youtube (Empires in Ruins)
    he is a great mate , a good friend , a hard worker and i wish him a lots of success and money and specialy a lots of BRANDY !!! cheers Emiliano

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    1. Well that’s very nice of you Mr. Kill thank you – and on that note I shall pass your kindness forwardd your sentiment by nominatiing Mercuitio – who was kind enough to introduce me to Ultimate General – Civl War at xmas.

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  6. My name is Matt aka ‘BitGamerX’. I follow you on Steam, Twitter,YouTube, and Twitch. My handles are BitGamerX across the board. I nominate my friend Huy, and his handle is Halfgeek on Steam.  Huy is the solo developer who created Star Nomad 1 & 2 and a super nice guy.

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  7. Hello, my name is Geer. I follow you on Steam, YouTube, and facebook. My handles are – Pugraider on Steam, Geer McGee on Facebook and YouTube. I Nominate my roommate Charles, and his handle is Charles on Steam. He’s got the flu real bad and has been staying home sick playing video games. He’s been playing a lot of rogue-lite and action games. I can here him through the wall. He needs something quieter to play.

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  8. Hail to you champions, you most nominate the legendary SiNNiS. For he has no friends but only pawns and foes in the game of life. As only a xenophobe in solitude can reach such supremacy and true greatness in enslaving entire populations of the galaxy. The allegiance of another mortal only proves to be a thorn in his side, a mere setback.

    Remember, one must not worry about burning bridges if they are built on your own. As every story I create, creates me. I write to create myself. for I am my own best friend!

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  9. Hello again,I am the Unholyfroggod. I follow you on Twitter as Unholyfroggod(@HFishbackJr) , Youtube as Harry Fishback, and on both Steam and Twitch I am Unholyfroggod. I do not use FB as I believe people who do should be imprisoned . I wish to enter a friend of mine who I’ve known since high school. He could use a new game :) His Steam ID is Kryptonkid

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  10. I’m harley9699 on Steam, on Twitter, FB, and in the eXplorminate group. I’m harley M following on youtube, Probably dumb to nom Nasarog, but he’s helped me through a Very tough time. Also nominate Army Pea as he had me do his logo for him and we’ve talked a bit. Looking for ES 2 if that matters.

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  11. ok, i’m then also in, thank’s nate for convincing me :)

    the friend is Mayday. he deserves some new 4x game cause he tried many multiplayer games of Civ4 with me even if he had no real clue how it works but wanted to learn.
    unfortunately he didn’t get into it, so maybe he needs something else to try the 4x genre again.

    i’m following on steam (GermanDad), on Twitter (GermanDad), youtube (Fred Rolfes), twitch (splatter77).

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  12. If I may make a second nomination ( I am not sure Mercuito is a member of E4X) – I would also like to nominate my very first steam friend Mayhem Effect – we have fought many battles together against a certain one man developer who abandons his games shortly after release – and brags about the size of his bank account as a result to his victims…err customers.

    Death to all tyrants!
    I’m Spartacus

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  13. Well Well, I will nominate … uhm… well, now that’s some wibbly wobbly, timey wimey distortion. It seems that he’s hiding somehwere again. You know… it’s bigger on the inside then the outside. But he must be here somehwere… Ahh, there you are. My best friend in the whoiniverse: K9. Ohh, gottag go. Geronimo!

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  14. If I have to nominate a friend, it can only be Nasarog.
    Some would say that’s because he is my only friend in the Explorminate Steam Group,
    but more than that it’s because he is an absolute 4X fan. He eats 4X, he drinks 4X, he sleeps 4X, he breathes 4X, he lives 4X. (Even if he sometimes infidels it with the XCom series or some Armello)
    Anyway, he is one of the founders of this group, so i suppose he can’t win, and i’m pretty sure he already own all the winable games.

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    1. Indeed I do, and this giveaway is a chance for us to show how much we appreciate you all as well as a chance for you all to check out these awesome games by their respectively awesome studios. You are entered my friend!!!

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  15. Hello, my name is spacht. I follow you on Steam (spacht), Twitter (@spacht23), YouTube (spacht) and Twitch (spacht). I nominate my friend Schnuufi on Steam. She and I have been enjoying 4x gaming together for over 20 years now, starting with good old MoO2.

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  16. Hi, I’m Mechanical Lions aka mangadrive. I’m in the group, and have you guys linked on all social media outlets. I’ve also been known to make catchy theme songs for one reason or another. I’d like to nominate “nucleargunman” aka jamal aka terrorist. A person I’ve been gaming with since the late 90’s in every form and fashion. Mostly responsible for my loot gathering addictions. A lesser fan of 4x, but anything where lasers and death are involved they are sure to follow.

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  17. I would like to nominate my buddy Beefheart. We met over a rousing game of Rocket League. He contacted me later, noting that Rocket League would be better if there was a way to drive to other arenas during the game, then conquer them with the selection of cars in your garage, then use these other arenas to build more cars, and finally, monopolize the boost resources in all of those arenas to ultimately destroy all of the other opponents’ cars and arenas to win the game. I said, dude, I think you’re playing the wrong genre of game. Let me hook you up.

    Perhaps this will allow me to fulfill my promise to him.

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    1. Oh yeah, I’m “pinback”. And he’s “Beeefheart” (with three Es). And he hasn’t joined yet. But he will! Well, he might. Well, who knows.


  18. I nominate my friend Icarus, One of the newest members of the eXplorminate group on Steam, goes by the name 86.icarus on Steam.

    Why? because he always tries to reach the sun without a hyperdrive… just a hyper… drive.

    Honestly, he’s a 4x Gamer… a good one.


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  19. Hey there! My name is Jexi. I follow you on Steam, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. My handles are Jexi on Steam, @AME712 on Twitter, Reizende on YouTube, Charmeuse000 (dedicated link name) on Facebook and Jexi_Kaneshiro on Twitch. I’m nominating my friend Varkon, and his handle is Varkon on Steam. He and I have been gaming together since 2012. We play 4X games and Tabletop Simulator.

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  20. Hey guys!

    I think it’s a really fun way to involve the community and get us chatting! I would like to nominate my son (Rambo, hes apart of the group). We’ve been looking to play a 4X game together and we haven’t found any that appeal to both of us, except Stars in Shadows. He loves the graphics and the different options for shipbuilding and combat, it would be a great game for us to enjoy together!

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  21. I first met this friend in a very familiar field. The phrase “friends with benefits” has too much a stigma to describe our interactions; it’s more “friends with a mutually beneficial arragement”. While I recognize he has a prevalent imagination, he is not an imaginary friend because of the millions of other people interacting with him every day. He is a fantastic entertainer, and I, along with his other friends, seek to bridge the communication gap he sometimes finds with society. Finally, of all his flaws, which we all have, he is in no way irrational. (The algebraic closure of the rational numbers.)

    Alternative friends that I thought were funny were my confidence and paranoia, plenty of other math constructs (in particular, a what-I-think-is-clever commemoration of representations), Harvey the latex wearing half-scarran mental ghost, Harvey the white rabbit and a piece of so-called entertainment that was given to me anonymously with a smiley face label that I just can’t bring myself to stop watching. Settling on one of the most pretentious options explains why I resorted to an imaginary friend.

    I’m Uroplatus Fimbriatus on Steam.

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  22. My name is TheDROCK. I follow you on all social media sites. I’d like to nominate ajynks/Tragic because his comments here on Explorminate, whether right or wrong, have often led to some spirited discussions and definitely some good reading.


  23. None of my friends are cool enough to be PC gamers except one. His name is Explalphalog and he is very handsome. He lives in the Mirror Dimension – I suspect that he was trapped there by an evil Mer-Centaur (that’s a half-dude, half-seahorse) but he’s reluctant to speak about that. Either way, he’s been in my life as long as I can remember. I know that you’re probably sceptical and think that he’s not real and I’m just trying to enter myself in the contest, but I can prove that he and I are different people – he’s left handed, but I am not. So I urge you to remember that fact if he ever escapes the mirror dimension and turns out to be evil and we get into a rooftop fight and you only have one bullet and can’t decide which one of us to shoot.

    Anywho, he follows you on YouTube (Mike Tate) and Steam (Expalphalog) but shuns all forms of social media for various totally logical and not at all stubborn reasons.

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  24. I nominate my friend J.C. aka ablearcher on Steam. We have been playing games together now since university which is longer ago than I care to remember. From old school hex and counter style games to Dominions 4 if it is a strategy game we are up for it. I follow you guys on Facebook, Steam, and Youtube. Thanks for your efforts on this site guys, its great!

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  25. My name is Harm. I follow you on Steam (Picrasso), Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch. I nominate my girlfriend. Her steam handle is ‘isdatergdan’. We often play civ together and as an avid 4X gamer myself I’d love to introduce her to more strategy games. She doesn’t like space/SF games however, so there’s that. It would be great if she got a historical or fantasy themed game. :)

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  26. Hiya my name is Custo. I would like to nominate my friend Starsculptor (Steam) She’s just starting with strategy games and I… errr I mean, she needs more titles to play together.
    I really enjoy the content you’re putting out, podcast, website and youtube for me mostly. I follow you as CustodianV131 on Steam Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and now Twitch. Only just started following you on Twitch, I prefer Youtube, but might be fun to try.
    I like how here on Explorminate we are all going: “Just one more turn!”

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  27. Dudes! My name is Doug. I nominate my friends obediah (Steam) and Falken #CP# (Steam) whom I have known for years and we regularly play strategic war games together especially Dominions 4! Yeah yeah I know Dominions 4 doesn’t get much loving on Explorminate these days… But I digress. We also appreciate new and different games and this is a great way to spread the love. My Steam handle is the_cull and my YouTube handle is zinccull.

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