Thea 2: The Shattering Is On The Horizon!


“It has been a while since we visited the world of Thea: the Awakening (by MuHa games): a world that was wracked by darkness and all the horrors it brought with it. At the end of our adventures, we were on the verge of restoring all that had been lost. We defeated the Giant scourge. We discovered why the darkness came and put us into eternal night for more than 100 years. As the final council meetings were being held in New eXplorminate (our namesake village), we had a decision to make: help our deity or side with free humanity and the night races.

Suddenly, we heard the furious clicking of keys. Again and again. A new chapter in the saga was being written.”

In technicolor…

Back in late 2015, MuHa games dropped an interesting survival 4X game on us called Thea: The Awakening. It was so awesome and unique we awarded it our Game of the Year for 2015. Well, standby for something even more awesome and unique – we are proud to bring you the first glimpse of the sequel, Thea 2: The Shattering.

Coming in 2018, Thea 2 will be a story-driven, strategy-survival 4X set in a world where the forces of light and darkness are ravaging the lands. Those who still eke out their existence in this lonely land strive for survival and dominance over the fractured territories. Assume the role of a deity, choose your champions, and survive Thea!

Verdant as ever

Like the original, Thea 2 will reshape your expectations, featuring a dynamic mixture of genres including 4X, strategy, survival, Rogue-like, RPG, and card games all set in a Slavic-inspired dark fantasy world.

  • Explore – traverse large, varied maps with multiple unique biomes, mysterious islands that can be settled, rivers and seas, beautiful resources and fearsome creatures to kill or befriend. Find, explore, and conquer a range of different dungeons to secure lands and discover rare artifacts
  • Expand – play as a lonesome nomad – a hero without a home seeking only adventure- or set up multiple camps and multiple villages to claim your own fiefdom. Fight or befriend opposing factions to keep your people safe  
  • Exploit – find precious resources, learn new procedurally-generated recipes, and craft your way to victory!
  • Exterminate – fight against the many beasts of Thea! Kill off threatening factions or hunt down rogue demons, challenge concepts like weather, or turmoil and beings alike using swords, intelligence, or the power of faith!
Lack of sunlight is bad for your horticulture.

Key features:

  • Co-op  and single player gameplay – survive Thea with friends or solo
  • New, deeper and improved tactical card game to resolve challenges and encounters
  • Randomly generated, vast hex maps to explore
  • Slavic mythology and folklore
  • Hundreds of stories and quests to discover
  • Event editor gives you the ability to make your own adventure
  • Extensive modding and scripting available
  • Meet the vast array of factions that populate Thea and choose diplomacy or warfare as your path
  • Customize existing gods to match your playstyle
  • Control multiple villages simultaneously
  • Explore endless combinations of attributes and skills for your “chosen ones”
Volcanos, why did it have to be volcanos…

Thea 2 is very much a work-in-progress, and some features are subject to change, but be sure to check the MuHa website for monthly dev updates and we here at eXplorminate will certainly be covering Thea 2 as well!

“The clicking has subsided. The headache is gone. Now it’s time to get back to the council meeting and think things through. A recent scouting report revealed a very peculiar island that we need to send a scouting party to. We need to prepare our builders and farmers. It might be time to expand our territory because the goblins sure expand quickly. We can’t fall behind to the nightfolk.”

17 thoughts on “Thea 2: The Shattering Is On The Horizon!

  1. 2018? ohhh a long time to wait, but take ur time… i hope part 2 is as good as part 1 and everything will be fine. Thea is a great game :)


    1. Nah, 2018 is fine. There are those of us who tragically still have Thea 1 collecting dust in our ginormous Steam backlogs, and now we’ll have enough time to rectify that!


  2. Didn’t buy the first one, but it seemed like a good game indeed. Number 2 I’ll definatly try. Art looks good, gameplay looks great. I like the talk about different factions and multiple cities/settlements.


    1. buy the first one ! it is an amazing game, I just purchased it for the first time few weeks ago and its one of the best I ever played.


  3. woooow Excellent news ! can’t wait to play it. I am in computer gaming since computer games came to the world, played all the classical games, civilization 1 , xcom 1, jagged alliance, MOM and all the best. played thea first time few weeks ago, just when I heard it exists. it was love at first sight. The game is defiantly one of the best games ever made! Excellent work MuHa Games! keep on the good work. thea 1 was priceless hope thea 2 will even be better.



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