Sovereignty: Crown Of Kings Drops… With Authority!


What have we been looking for of late? That’s easy, non-space 4X titles. Enter Sovereignty: Crown Of Kings, set in a fantasy world populated by Orcs, Goblins, Dwarves, Elves, and many others. You are tasked with repairing or replacing a crumbling old empire. You’ll compete with others through diplomacy, espionage, expansion and – you guessed it – conquest. Your faction choice and starting location will play a huge role in how you shape your empire and pursue victory.

Main Features:

  • 35 factions with specific races, traits, heroes, and units for a unique playstyle and challenge in every game
  • Campaign modes plus unique storyline campaigns based on your faction
  • Resources, Trade, and Landmarks enrich the basic economy of a realm
  • Conduct covert actions to spy on your enemies; bad-mouth them or improve your image in the eyes of others
  • Learn new magical spells and use them to gain advantages or trick your opponents
  • Lead your armies directly on the field and take advantage of terrain to outsmart enemy troops
  • Use your hero ability at a key moment to swing the tide of battle
  • Unit gain experience and unlock new skills
  • Mod tools included! Create your own mods, or download mods shared by others

A lovely place to visit

Interested? Good, because we certainly are. There’s more of course, but you get the idea. You’re probably wondering when the game is coming and how much it will cost, right? Sovereignty is leaving Steam’s Early Access on February 2nd and is already available for $24.99.

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  1. nice, interesting title that i have on my whishlist for some time now.
    looking forward to a review from you guys when it is released.


  2. Cool.. I picked this up on a whim with a MatrixGames/Slitherine loyalty coupon a while back when it was on sale, but haven’t touched it yet. Looking forward to the review!


    • Awesome! I had that thought as I was looking at this article “Hmm, this sounds like it might remind me of Birthright: Gorgon’s alliance(I think that was the name)” Cool to get some confirmation. I played the crap out of that game back in the day.


  3. Oh boy, yet another fantasy setting that looks like Middle-Earth with the serial numbers filed off. If this were a movie or novel, my interest in ever checking this out would die right there.

    Luckily, though, this is a game… and almost any other objection can be forgiven if the gameplay is actually FUN.

    Besides, we need more games that deal with crumbling civilizations.

    Thus, I also look forward to the inevitable Explorminate review.


  4. I like the strategic map. But the tactical map looks way less appealing. I think this game will be a hit or miss depending on how fun the tactical battles play out. Tedious hex combat can be fun to if it is done corectly.


  5. Everytime I see let’s play of this game the AI seems unable to field strong armies and I’ve never seen it able to win a fight against the human player. So maybe the human players were good at choosing their fights, but this is a weakness I’ve seen in so many 4x games (although, more with random generated map 4x games) that I now pay attention to that. Outside of AoW3 I haven’t see many games where the ai is able after the early game to compose dangerous stacks all by itself (contrarely to totalwar’s early game scripted stacks for exemple).


  6. Ok… I suppose very one disagree with my previous statement lol

    I’m curious about the moddability of this game. Will it be moddable ? That would give this game a lot more desirabily : I’m not suyre to care about Hadrigel or Kazoth’s folks but the possibility to play on a middle earth or a warhammer map would bring a few more customers.



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