Stars in Shadow Launches 1/19


In the shadows no longer! Stars in Shadow publisher Iceberg Interactive has announced that their 4X MoO-revival game will be officially released on January 19. The game will be available on Steam (naturally), as well as “other digital platforms” for $24.99.

To celebrate the the launch, Iceberg has released a new trailer, which you can view here.


Pick your faction

Developed by Ashdar Games, the staff of eXplorminate has been keeping a close eye on SiS for a while now. Some might recall that it was one of our most anticipated games of 2016, though it ended missing last year by only a few weeks. Better late than never, right?

You can catch up with our let’s try here, plus previous announcements here, here, and here.

Stars in Shadow promises:

  • Deep turn-based tactical starship combat, with quality-of-life features like multi-ship command to keep large-scale engagements moving quickly
  • Seven playable factions, each with unique gameplay elements. Play as one of the young races, just reaching out into the stars, or one of the old races: survivors of a war long past who bear ancient grudges
  • A robust diplomacy system
  • Empire management that focuses on high-level decisionmaking
  • Many planet types, with their own lore and backstory

And the winner is…

Of course, once the game releases we’ll have lots more coverage (including a review), so remember to check back after January 19!

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  1. I’m glad I picked this up in the Steam Winter Sale for $16.74 :) I haven’t had time to play yet, so I guess I’ll wait for the official release. I look forward to eXplorminate’s review, even if I’ve already bought the game :)


  2. They’ve got a lot of work to do in the next week!! That said, the game is quite playable and enjoyable in its current state, I’m going to say this will be a strong launch.

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  3. Oh boy, I really like SiS and already played over 60 hours and don’t regret it at all, but i wished they had the resources to postpone the Launch. It’s good, but has so much potential to be great, and there are still some issues, that i hope they fix/balance for launch. Just know, I’m a very critical person, so probably many will be happy with its state and i really hope they sell a lot and that the scores are good, so they can support and enhance it long after release.

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    • Hmm so I should just posptopne trying it for a few weeks?I have preordered it so i alrdy own it, but i got a strong rule to wait for the complete game before playing, if I can. First impressions and limited amount of time for gaming…


      • Hard to say. If it’s that way, wait till they review it here. Nate mentioned in the last weekly eXchange that he has access to the “release” build and that we will see some surprises and that they deliver what they promissed. I will try it today when the release patch is out, if i find the time.


  4. I hope the launch goes well!

    Did they ever implement zooming on the strategic map, a more navigable tech ‘tree’ rather than just a list? Someone commented following the release day announcement on Steam that there are still a number of missing or placeholder art assets – no idea if it’s true but if so can we expect them to be replaced?


    • You can zoom all out, that’s not an issue. Art wise is it just great! Most cohesive art designs since MoO2 in my opinion. Can’t remember any placeholder, but if there are one, they will for sure be replaced. Tech “tree” is still bit messy and I doubt it gets changed for release, but who knows.



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