What Is Children Of The Galaxy?


Empty Keys Inc. has announced that their new game, Children of the Galaxy, is coming to Steam’s Early Access program. Empty Keys is a small studio with a lot of big title experience, including Top Spin 4 and both Mafia 2 & 3. This space-based 4X game that was recently Greenlit for Steam is their latest venture


“My empire is vast…”

Main Features:

  • Unique Races – Each race has unique bonuses and different AI
  • Turn-Based Combat with tactical elements – there are 7 unique ship classes
  • Procedurally Generated Galaxy – each game has a different number of planets and quantities of rare resources
  • Planet Colonization and Customization – 7 planet types to colonize. You can customize planet with constructions.
  • Research Technology Tree – huge tech tree gives player multiple options for how to play the game
  • Support for modding –  players can change galaxy configuration, AI, races, missions, ships and planet constructions
  • There is a public Trello, where anyone can see the team’s current progress and planned tasks. The AI part of the game is open source on GitHub

Planned Features (in Early Access):

  • More unique races – the devs will keep adding new races during EA
  • Complex diplomacy and espionage
  • More technologies in research tech tree
  • More victory conditions
  • Complete AI
  • More graphics (2D/3D), animations and effects
  • More sounds and music
  • More tutorials
  • Race Designer
  • Localizations

Expansion ready to commence

Children of the Galaxy can run on mid-level systems (Core i5 w/ AMD FX8350 VC), so don’t fret too much.

eXplorminate will have a Q&A with the developer up soon and look for more coverage for CoG as it enters Early Access.

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  1. Based on the release state of prior TBS space 4x games, I’ll wait for more info before getting excited about a new one. I look forward to more eXplorminate articles on this game as it progresses.


  2. Sounds interesting. I just hope the end product is something of worth, and that they don’t follow the recent trend of scrapping turn-based combat.



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