Long War 2 is COMING!!!


It is well documented that XCOM 2 has been a favorite of our fearless leader, Nate Nasarog, since it first came out in February 2016. He – along with several staff members – love the whole franchise. He has spoken about it at length on the WeX. Written about itmore than once, actually. He interviewed (harassed, possibly) the devs at Firaxicon about it in 2015. He’s really committed or, just maybe, he should be committed.

The first Long War Mod was a total game changer

So, back to the point, there was an amazing mod for the 2012 release, XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Within, that completely changed the game. We’re not talking about new skins or a story pack or whatever. This mod, called the Long War mod, redefined what many of us thought was possible in an XCOM game. It took what Firaxis had done and made it something much greater (even the devs agreed!). This was an amazing feat since the game was not meant to be moddable. It didn’t even have any mod tools. All of that was done by this amazing mod group.

The Class perk system is back

When XCOM 2 was released, the same mod group created a new studio and released some official content for the new game. Now here we are, almost a year later, and The Long War mod is coming to XCOM 2. It’s called (creatively), The Long War Mod 2.

A new weapon tier added to XCOM 2

Here’s what 2K, has to say:

“Long War Studios, the development outfit responsible for great XCOM 2 PC content such as the Alien Pack and the Perk and Laser Pack mods, has a new name: Pavonis Interactive, and a new web site. And the team has been working on something ambitious. We’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, make sure you’re following the XCOM 2 Steam Community hub so you don’t miss any future announcements on XCOM 2. Knowledge is power, Commander.”

Don’t mess with this crew…

Obviously, all of us at eXplorminate (not just Nasarog but yeah, Nate Nasarog) are really excited about this announcement, and you can bet we’ll have coverage once we get more information. So keep it here!

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