eXplorminate’s GotY/XotY Awards!

It was the weekend before Christmas, and all through the house, eXplorminate staffers argued about the best game of 2016. Not only that, they also argued about the best eXpansion of 2016. Previous awardees Endless Legend (2014’s GotY winner) and Thea: the Awakening (2015’s GotY winner) were both heavily discussed as well. The field was … Continue reading eXplorminate’s GotY/XotY Awards!

Strategic eXpanse #29 – Game/eXpansion Of The Year Show!

Yep. It’s that time of year again! eXplorminate is proud to present what we believe are the best 4X game and 4X expansion of 2016. Join esteemed e4X hosts Nate and Troy, as well as their guest panelists, Joshua, and Mark while they discuss all the candidates, winners, and state of 4X gaming in the … Continue reading Strategic eXpanse #29 – Game/eXpansion Of The Year Show!