The Stellar Monarch Has Arrived


Silver Lemur Games has announced that Pocket Space Empire is now called Stellar Monarch after leaving its Early Access cocoon and becoming a butter… Ahem, launching on December 5.

The Monarch is listening

Stellar Monarch is a turn-based 4X/Space Emperor Sim that values “big picture” concepts over micromanagement. What does that mean?

  • You will feel like the Emperor (assassins, imperial court, granting audiences, rebels, imperial officials)
  • No micromanagement (no moving individual ships around or constructing boring farms, you deal with more important things)
  • Asymmetric gameplay with a pre-populated universe and a unique research system
  • Unique mechanics (if you are bored with other games and want to see something fresh, you won’t be disappointed) 
“I’m going to science the hell out of this one”

We’ve spoken about SM before, and we’re planning on a full-fledged 5X review soon so be sure to check back!


9 thoughts on “The Stellar Monarch Has Arrived

  1. looking forward to see the review.
    sounds somewhat interesting, but i realy don’t know how this “big picture over micromanagement” will work out.


    1. To me it kind of sounds like that annoying argument people sometimes bring up, saying that since you’re playing as the ruler of an interstellar empire, you shouldn’t have to deal with things like designing ships or sending spies on missions. I’ve never really understood it. I’ve never thought of myself as playing the role of a politician, I think of myself as the player of a 4X, and designing those ships and ordering those spies is fun, thankyouverymuch.


  2. It’s a brilliant game, can’t stop playing it. It’s so nice to have a game without the horrible micro management so you can focus on just playing the game.


  3. Looking forward to the review- on initial reading, this game sounds like a fresh take and perhaps something you can play in a smaller amount of time.

    Also: the voice in the trailer videos for the game reminds me of Alicia Witt (Alia) from the Dune movie. I kept expecting her to say “Poor emperor- I’m afraid my brother won’t be very happy with you.”

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